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  1. yeah any of these would be good, my fav being houston and jones in the second. But its seems people get angry when there's talk about getting a slot receiver in the first round. When you really think about it we dont have any real immediate needs besides a consistent pass rushing linebacker and we would need to trade up to the cream of the crop or else we would have to settle for another probable bust-Jerry Hughes.
  2. Someone jus please jus look at this video of Jared Odrick. How is this first round talent??? He gets overpowered by linemen way too many times. Carlos Dunlap on the other controls the line of scrimmage. The freakin video of dunlap's highlights got deleted. Anyways, I dont give a rats behind about a stinkin DUI. It is very hard for a 3-4 de to become a bust. I cant even think of one who is a 3-4 de bust. It just dosent happen. Carlos Dunlap>>>>>>>Jared Odrick looking at the title of this thread i forgot to mention suh and mcoy but of course they wont be there at #29.
  3. so one good breakout season from desean jackson and he's better than reggie wayne, brandon marshall and randy moss? sir, uh what are you smoking? it certainly isnt weed, must be crack cocaine. anyways heres my list. 1 fitz 2. johnson 3. wayne 4. moss 5. marshall
  4. bold statement there. please oh please name your top five wr in order.
  5. Mr.Revis


    i would cry if tht was the real draft picks we chose...obv.
  6. Your sarcasm is also great irony. You were the one who pointed the obvious in the first place. Another thing, thou shalt not need to reach for rb. we hve far greater needs in both a run clogging 3-4 de and a pass rushing olb.
  7. I try to log onto the chat room here and it keeps on denying me. is anyone else having the same problem?
  8. Leon, Greene, and LT all come with health risks. Why Chauncey is being overlooked is another matter, but Leon is more out the door than in. Again, if LW wants to stay, he should get his ass with the team, instead of using every excuse not to be there. Assume he's gone unless he takes a large pay cut. every national running back in the nfl comes with a health risk. as long punishing linebackers like ray lewis and patrick willis are in the league.
  9. I think ricky sapp is a risky pick, and also there will be a chance he will be gone and so will most 1st round talent pass rushing specialists. if we were to trade up and get a 3-4 pass rushing linebacker it would be brandon graham. all of those strengths/weaknesses u listed about sapp looks alot familiar to those of a similar de we chose not too long ago. (hint his first name starts with a v and ends with a n.)
  10. berry is an outstanding prospect in this draft BUT why in the hell would we get a SAFETY when we dont have a legit pass rusher???!! you guys are forgetting that a pass rushing linebacker is the second most important key on a 3-4 defense after the nose tackle. my three possible scenarios for the jets to do in the draft 1. trade up and get brandon graham.- we wont be spending top money for him and he definitely looks lik the next lamarr woodley. 2. stay at #29 and get bpa. my favorite being golden tate. yes hes a slot receiever. but hes a game changer and a play maker. 3. trade down and aquire more picks.
  11. you hit it right on the spot. wat people are not realizing is the overall talent that is there at #29. golden tate is loaded with talent and potential, people knock on his size yet he is a bit taller than desean jackson and weighs more too. i would LOVE to hve a desean jackson on our team. people say tht would be a luxury? a luxury tht would help sanchez ALOT. and for crying out loud people- TYSON ALUALU>JARED ODRICK. yeah i said it.
  12. Explain to me please wat is so good about jared odrick. I see his highlights and I don't see first round talent. I lik tyson alualu much better.
  13. i will be the happiest man if the jets do three things and three things only. Either trade up to get brandon graham, Stay at #29 and get golden tate and if tate is off the board trade down and aquire more picks in this heavy talented draft class.
  14. so im gunna take a wild guess and say you were all for andre smith last year
  15. see there is a difference though. Kris Jenkins is a big DT yes, but he is noteworthy for playing with a high amount of athletiscm. you'd have to tie a honey bun to the quarterback for cody to get a sack. point blank is, its not good to draft one dimensional players esp not in the first round.
  16. i dnt like either player in the first. but i dnt think we should even consider cody. he dosent fit rex ryans scheme. rex ryan makes his d linemen shoot the gap. cody cannot do tht.
  17. since when can terrance cody play de in the 3-4? first and foremost, he has ZERO amount of atheticsm and slow as hell! how would he hold the edge? your better off put cody in the nose and moving jenkins as a de. lastly i hate one dimensional players. he will contribute nothing in the pass rush department. greg hardy will be long gone, hes a second rounder. u dont kno wat your tlkn bout man
  18. Terrance Cody? Terrance Cody???? Noooooooooooooooooo no no no and no!
  19. you hit it right on the spot man, jus because the defensive line is aging dosent mean u go out and get a de in the first, you gotta go by best player avaliable and it is tate hands down. just look how the steelers draft, they got polamulau wen it wasnt a big of a need and i think they made the right choice. but the thing is a slot wide reciever is on our top of the jets list and so is a legit kr/pr. golden tate gives us both. at # 29 tate will be regarded as a steal and i couple of years from now, but could make a strong impact for our team on day 1.
  20. this draft is LOADED with talent. There are many 3-4 defensive ends for us to choose later in the draft, my favorite being tyson alualu. Golden Tate is special to me. Hes a playmaker just lik desean jackson and percy harvin. Some are even comparing him to steve smith from the panthers. We could really use one of those to help mark sanchez from a sophomore slump.
  21. I mean I looked at these highlights from Jared Odrick and I really dont see anything special. He just dosent seem first round talent to me. Id rather get tyson alualu. Now that guy impresses me!
  22. Most mock drafts have us taking Jared Odrick that could play 3-4 end in our system or have us taking the slot wide reciever Golden Tate. If it was to come down to these two players which is likely to happen, which player would you choose. My vote goes to Tate. We ranked DEAD LAST in the passing game. That alone should be enough to justify us taking a deadly offensive weapon in the first. We ranked EIGHTH in the run defense. What are some of you guys opinions?
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