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  1. Where's Cody Latimer? Stepping into Eric Decker's slot in Denver, I have him high on my rookie board.
  2. Megatron obviously, at first instinct. But I'd really like a top end WR on a rookie deal, if I'm looking to build something. That being said, I think Josh Gordon fits that bill, best. Defense: Kuekley or Watt.
  3. How I became a Jets fan Thread..

    Just being a contrarian by nature. I grew up in a Giants household, in their heyday, in a town with homes owned by Bill Parcells, Lawrence Taylor, and Joe Morris. Loved the sack exchange, Wesley Walker and Al Toon. First game I can really remember as a kid being taken by, was Walker's 4 TD game vs. Miami in '83.
  4. Revis being shopped

    If he makes it to FA on Wednesday, it would be a smart play on his part to come home, for Legacy's sake. He's gotten paid three times over. Come home, become a team-guy first (if he's capable of that train-of-thought). Throw Mark in with a bag of balls. Get this done Idzik!
  5. I would be very happy to land one of the top FA WR's (Tate, Maclin, Decker, Sanders, even Hakeem Nicks providing he can pass a physical). Coupled with bringing Cotchery back home with a solid, cost effective contract. AND it all is solidified with getting Ebron in the First Round. If 2 of these thing happen, it's gotta be a top FA and Ebron, but Ebron is a must in the first. He can absolutely be a Pro Bowl Talent for many years to come. Just, Please, For the Love of God, DO NOT bring Kenny "biggest knucklehead in The Game" Britt, in.
  6. There's nothing thunderous about SGreene. He's our BJacobs, errr, Ron Dayne. Only gets whats there, no explosion. We need Jonathan Stewart, especially now that MBush went ot CHI.
  7. It's as if this organization is so desperate to end the SuperBowl drought, that every time you think there's a plan to build upon, they can't resist the urge to make gimmicky moves that destroy any potential for the futre plan. At least with extending Sanchez, they were committing to his development. Now, Sanchez will most likely play out 2 years, disgruntled and hoodwinked, and gone in 2014. I need to hear a statement out of Rex immediately as to what is "The Plan". Squelch that there is no QB controversy here. Sanchez is our guy and Tebow is here as a situational player, err, gimmick, exclusively.
  8. Jets considering Tim Tebow: MERGED

    No. No. No. As someone else said recently on another thread; "stay the course". Altough I agree with the notion that it would be fun to watch him as a FB in the redzone and a wildcat threat, he would never conceed to such a diminshed role as becoming just a role player. That's when a stumble out of the blocks by Sanchez gets consumed by Tebowmania, and we're stuck in the same dead end that Denver was in until yesterday. Stay the course, Please, pick up Jonathan Stewart and stay the course.
  9. Trade possibility Carolina?

    Michael Bush is more of a pass catching option than JStew is. He'd probably cost less than Stewart, but I think Cinn might bring him in as a RB1, replacing CedBen. I would prefer Bush over Stewart, but both would be a very nice addition.
  10. Trade possibility Carolina?

    Love it. First thing I thought of as I heard Rich Gannon break it on NFL/ Sirius. Bring him to the Jets. He's a stud. Great Value.
  11. Dumb. Having an expiring contract over his head was the perfect motivator. He's way too comfortable.
  12. I don't know if we have any room in the cap to make it happen, but Michael Bush would look damn good in Green.
  13. I would never begrudge anybody from making as much money as they can. On one hand, I think Revis knows that he's not get Al Davis money, But it's something else entirely to drag a team through the mud by saying they don't take care of their own, and call what's being offered an insult. That's an insult to the fans that earn an honest living. Darrelle, you've made your point, now get to work. If this continues, I expect to see a rash of slightly-worn Revis jerseys on Ebay. Glad I decided on going with Sanchez last year.
  14. Favorite Band(s)?

    O Rly... I simply forgot a Blues section, but I thought it would be apparent since I included Clapton/BF, and Zeppelin who stole most of Willie Dixon's songbook, as well as from many others. I've seen B.B. 4 times, Clapton 5, Clapton/Winwood 2X, and SRV twice. If you're going to hate on the list, don't be so obvious with your suggestions. Where's Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Freddie King, Koko Taylor, etc...., son? Forgive me if I misunderstood your intentions, but the "Son" comment kinda set me off.
  15. Favorite Band(s)?

    I listen to almost every genre, other than new country, so I'll break it down by top 5 of each: 1. Clasic Rock: Beatles, Zep, Who, Floyd, Neil Young, Steely Dan, Clapton, Cream, Blind Faith 2. Metal: Metaliica(Pre-And Justice..), Slayer, Maiden, Sabbath, Megadeth 3: Hip-Hop : Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, The Roots , Biggy, Wu-Tang, MosDef, Talib Kweli 4: Rock: Van Halen (DLR), Rush, Foo Fighters, Police, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Mad Season 5: Jam: Grateful Dead, Phish, Widespread Panic, Govt Mule, Keller Williams, Moe 6: ALT: Cake, Radiohead, Black Keys, (old) Weezer, Flamming Lips, 7: Country: Johnny cash, Willie Nelson, 8: Reggae: Marley, tosh, Burning Spear, Toots and Maytals, Steel Pulse 9: Jazz: Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Coltrane, Stan Getz, Dave Brubeck 10: Standard: Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Louie Prima 11: New(ish)Alt: Vampire Weekend, Coheed/Cambria, The Hold Steady, Killers, 12: R&B/Soul: Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Temptations, Big Joe Turner, John Legend I'm sure I missed a ton, but I love me some good music!