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  1. On the positive side. Your marriage will have nowhere to go but up from here. Get well soon.
  2. Love these. Thanks for doing them. We will miss these for the next 2 games especially the Patriot one.
  3. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/geno-smith--175038114.html His own words. Pressed on what he could have done differently, Smith rephrased his story. "I don't regret anything," he said. "I don't think I did anything wrong. You can't go back in time." He will never get it. Its a shame really. All the tools and a 10 cent head.
  4. This is a great thread. Thank you for doing this. I hope you keep this up all season
  5. As soon as I get a job that pays me millions. I will pay you
  6. If this was at my place of employment where I got paid millions and you were some low level employee who punched a clock every day just trying to get a job. And the punch to my face did not allow me to do my job fro the next 2 months and possibly never again. And you were mad at me because I told you I would pay you $600 and didn't. And when you confronted me about instead of taking care of it, I let it escalate to a point where you got mad enough to punch me in the face. Then yeah I would say that I do not have any leadership skill and am an idiot. Fortunately for me however. I would have just taken care of it the first time. Like I said I would and have avoided the whole situation all together and keep doing my job that pays me millions.
  7. you needed to read one sentence farther. And he pissed of a "massive defensive linemen" enough for him to punch him in the face. No IK is not innocent by any means but neither is Geno. Never said IK was justified.
  8. And he pissed of a "massive defensive linemen" enough for him to punch him in the face You dont need to be there to figure this part out. The broken jaw is confirmation of that.
  9. This was not a nancy kerigan type of attack. Where he was walking to his locker and got blindsided. He was having an argument over a situation that he created and could have ended very easily. And he pissed of a "massive defensive linemen" enough for him to punch him in the face. No IK is not innocent by any means but neither is Geno. And Geno is supposed to be the man in a position of power in the locker room. He is the one with the most to lose. So whether he likes it or not, he needs to be the bigger man a settle this before it gets out of control. It is called personal responsibility. A dying word these days unfortunately. Let see what this cost IK. He may or may not have made the team anyway and made the rookie min. Geno may or may not have been the starting qb for the Jets for the next 10 years and made millions. Who lost out more? If he is not smart enough to realize all this, then he is not the man I want leading my team. Answer this. Lets assume that this didn't happen yet and we didn't have fitz on the team. Lets also assume that geno lit it up all season and has a pro bowl level year and we make it all the way to the super bowl. And then this exact same situation happens. Are you still going to think there is nothing Geno could have done to avoid the situation?
  10. "If I was playing bad and got benched, that's on me," Smith said. "But for something like that to happen, it's like ... what can you do? +1. This tells you right there that he learned nothing from this whole situation. Really a shame actually.
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