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    Watching the Jets beat the Bengals at the last game at Giants Stadium, and making it to the playoffs.
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    Not making the playoffs in the '08-'09 season.
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    They're all good looking.
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  1. I really hope this isn't in any particular order, because that's disgusting if it is! It should be: Revis, Mangold, Harris, D'Brick, Edwards/cromartie
  2. Will vlad ducasse be ready? I thought we should put Matt Slauson at left guard. He was a beast in college, and when Mangold had to come out for a few plays against the Falcons last season, he stepped up to the plate and played center even though hes listed as a guard. These are probably the two guys favored for the job, any opinions, thoughts or ideas>
  3. we should care more about the number of sacks he has rather than the number on his new jersey.
  4. BRYAN THOMAS HAD 2 SACKS LAST YEAR, Ellis had 6.5, Jason Taylor had 7. Hes going to end up replacing one of em. GIVE EM THE BOOT! ITS NOT THAT THEY'RE OLD, ITS THAT THEY SUCK! LT AND JT ARE OLD BUT THEY'RE GOOD! Faneca is needed to help develop our O-line. Experience and knowledge are two things that need to be passed down on the o line. You could say this about the d line too, but we just got Jason Taylor. SO GET RID OF ELLIS AND THOMAS!
  5. I know revis plays for the jets, all i care about is our two games dolphag; there's reason your Miami ass is on OUR blog!! Although, the 2 games didn't matter much last year because we still went to the AFC championship, and you were watching us from your couch. BUT ANYWAY! Your running game won't be helped because Ronnie Brown is going to kill him self by drunk driving. Also, if you know anything about football, in practice your offense goes against a scout team. Marshall will not be going hard against your CBs in practice, because he wants to save his energy for the game, and doesn't want to waste his time. And just so you know, Henne sucks. He's not good. He has not "IT" factor like some morons believe he does. We're going to eat you alive this season. Can you say sweep?
  6. What everyone seems to be forgetting is that D-Rex is a genius. He will find something for the Ghost. I'll be honest I don't like Vernon, but why not have high hopes? If he comes out on top that's great, but we will be getting some other pass rusher as is. So even if he doesnt make a turn around, we'll still have someone else. Like JT, or a draft pick.
  7. We shouldn't get rid of Faneca, and i'll tell you why. He has been great for the development of Mangold AND D-Brick(whether you believe it or not). We should keep him around for one more year to help develop matt slauson. Slauson was an animal in college, and with a little more encouragement he'll be an animal in the pros. PEACE OUT ELLIS AND THOMAS! They should of got the boot last year.
  8. I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS ARTICLE IS PISSING ME OFF SO MUCH BUT IT IS. SO I'M ABOUT TO GO OFF!!! 1) You write for the Miami Herald. Your words are meaningless. New York is the capital of the world!! Unless your cover page is the back page, whatever you write don't mean s***. Stop hating on NY! NY is to America, as America is to the World! 2) Football is a team sport. In fact it is THEE most team oriented sport that exists. All you dumb dolphin fans keep hyping up this one player, you put him on a pedestal, and when you do, you completely ruin the cohesiveness of your team. Why don't you change your name to the Miami Marshall's? You probably would, but he hasn't played a down yet for you. 3) He has to go against Revis, who has proven himself over, and over, and over ,and F***ING OVER!!!!!! TO twice, Moss twice, ochocinco TWICE, Steve Smith etc. So yea, marshall's good, but good luck getting him the ball!!!! And before you can get him the ball, you gotta be able to throw it! We're taking your own defensive end, and hes not even going to let your Chad(either one) get rid of the ball. 4) Rookie head coach, rookie QB made it to AFC championship, by fighting to earn a wild card playoff berth in the last game at the stadium we played in. We then got rid of the weak, and got more of the strong! We are starting a fresh new season with a new, and may I say beautiful home. All while being chosen to be featured on HBO's hard knocks. I could keep going, but if I do I might take that dumb journalist's job.
  9. I'm pretty sure Fat Albert doesn't want to play nose tackle in a 3-4. Why, many people may ask. It's because in a 3-4 his role would be to get double teamed every single play. If he gets double teamed every play, he gets less recognition because he's not as free to make the big plays. Having said that, it is clear he is an egomaniac, that only cares about money. Rex would probably whip him in to shape, and if Rex can't, i'm sure the super bowl ring that we're going to win would. And yes Fat Al, and Jenks played together, and both started on the AFC pro bowl team for '08-'09 season. For those of you who don't know. That's close to 800lbs, and 13ft. of pure meat!!!!! FORGET JASON TAYLOR, WE ALL HATE HIM GET FAT AL!!!!!!!!
  10. What it really comes down to is that one player can not make a team. Football is the most team oriented sport there is, so Marshall ain't going to do sh**. We've been making amazing acquisitions for the past 3 years(Faneca, Pace, Leonhard, Cromartie, Edwards, LT, Poole, Holmes, Woody, Jenkins, and soon to come Jason Taylor). The fact is, is that Marshall is not going to escape Revis Island, in the rare case that he does, one of our 4 amazing safeties is going to blast him because either one of your Chads is going to leave the ball in the air for 20 minutes. Congrats dolphins, you finally have a player you can be proud of. Too bad he comes with so much baggage he'll want to be traded once he realizes how much you guys suck!!!
  11. As weird as that sounds, that would be awesome! Just imagine, every time one of our players does good, we boo him. A) that'd be hilarious, it would motivate him to play even harder, to gain the acceptance of Jets fans. That just might work if he joins THE BEST ROSTER EVER!
  12. I really don't see us getting rid of Leon. After an injury season, and all the money hes been demanding I don't think anyone would want him, but I do. If we get rid of him, then we need another RB. Shonn Greene is great, but we cant give him the ball every time, and I don't LT being his back up. The three of them are going to be a better version of Earth, Wind and Fire. They're gonna be like Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.
  13. Im going to take a different approach and evaluate the entire passing offense, and why we will have the best passing offense in the AFC East. REASONS: O-Line, we have arguably the best o line in the league, with time mark can be great, and hit any receiver. Receivers, we have arguably 3 #1 receivers. Braylon, Santonio and Cotch. Are you kidding? not to mention brad smith is so athletic and could run a reverse pass to throw off any D. Also, I always thought we would move Danny Woodhead to the slot. Hes the same height as wes welker, and a little heavier. Not to mention all time NCAA rusher, I'm sure he'd be dangerous if we give him the ball, in stride, in the open field. TE, Dustin Keller will burn any LB. A full offseason with rex, and I guarantee hes looking like Anthony Gates. Mark, he gained a lot of confidence with the way the season ended. He also showed a lot of poise in the playoffs. Like I said previously, a full offseason with rex's maturation process and he'll be fine. RBs, Leon and LT are great at receiving out of the backfield, and when Shonn Greenes in, everyone will be thinking run, and he can block his ass off in the backfield too. Like I say at the end of every post, we are going to the superbowl
  14. We had the best defense in the league, and its only gotten better with the 2 DB additions. Our running game was the best in the league, and I think that with our O-Line, LT can be better than TJ. Our pass game needs some help, but Santonio will help that, and LT is way better at receiving than TJ was. We made it to the AFC championship with a rookie coach and QB. We are setting up for a super bowl this year, anything else and I'd be disappointed.
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