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    I drink
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    In a bottle
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    Trying different drinks.
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    Pretend like I'm sober

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    No. I Drink.
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    The time I ran out of beer after all the stores were closed.
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    All of them.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Depends on your definition.

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  1. Cops Mafia

    I said the feelings that scare you - not the ones that excite you... definitely fight those ffs.
  2. Cops Mafia

    It's natural to have feelings that scare you. Don't fight them.
  3. Next Mafia Sign Up

    Just don't make Pac the Doc. Holy sh*t.
  4. Cops Mafia

    Shoulda voted Krak. Dumbass.
  5. Cops Mafia

    There's a support group for players that obsess about me - hit me up if you want the link.
  6. Next Mafia Sign Up

    IN 4 Chimp the Pimp Claire the Flare haunts my dreams.
  7. Cops Mafia

    Worst. Doc. Ever.
  8. Cops Mafia

    Not if we did it on D1 when I said.
  9. Cops Mafia

    LOL. Always kill the Miller. Always.
  10. Cops Mafia

    OMG - PacDoc sucked.
  11. Cops Mafia

    I can't help it if you play bad. Maybe more practice?
  12. Cops Mafia

  13. Cops Mafia

    Remember last year when you were modding and disappeared for 3 or 4 rl days? Good times.
  14. Cops Mafia

    Not happening.