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  1. We're on the same page. I'm just trying to voice a little perspective for the new kids.
  2. You can keep moving in this direction if you like, but you're only doing it out of obstinance and wasting everybody's time.
  3. Nyn's post quoted below makes a lot of sense. It's just ironic that we lost 2 because of bad calls to not reveal on D1. There's always room for discussions regarding improvement. Agreed. The only thing to add is that the discussions does have the benefit of clearing up any questions people have of when or when not to reveal. We lost 2 because of silly non-reveals on D1.
  4. We actually need to step back further and ask why he didn't call scum out D1. And that was dumb.
  5. He's just kidding. He remembers all the way back when they made t-shirts with bears on them, lol.
  6. Nope. They don't get any extra power. They do suffer because everybody is scrutinizing every move regarding the two players and anyone who even goes so far as to state an opinion is going to be judged instantly. It basically nullifies both claimed players and anyone's ability to interact with them while the Town sits back and milks the results each morning. As soon as the real cop is killed, the Mafia lose their player in return and then the game watches to see who acts differently than they did while waiting on the stalemate. It's a pro-town situation as long as folks don't muck it up.
  7. Is that really a power? The Town doesn't lose anything after making that choice.
  8. Wow - replace the Coke with Sprite. Been a while since I made one, lol.
  9. Actually, I have a better recipe for you - it's a Long Island Iced Tea with Chambord. Bars just cut back on the ingredients to save money - I'm sure you will enjoy the original recipe.
  10. *tips bottle toward Crusher's glass* I'm having sake and bloody mary mix. Absolutely fantastic - refreshing without being hard. A perfect way to greet a summer evening.
  11. 1 rum and one Stag Jr, order up.
  12. Whatevs. He ****ed that up 8 ways to Sunday. We'll survive.