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  1. Was waiting on that payment to show up - and it's not too late
  2. Scum QT: https://www.quicktopic.com/53/H/thZRTd8wJymND Thanks to everyone for playing! Town stomped on this one with both feet, but there were a few nice moves by scum where I thought they might pull another day out. Ultimately, Smash and AVM rocked the Arkham Thread and Crusher and Pac owned the info roles.
  4. I'll update the OP with all of the game details after I finish up some work and have a lot of beers.
  5. "So does this mean we will go back to fighting crime sir?" "I don't know Alfred - sh*t got weird over these past few days. I need someone to pour me a hard drink and whisper softly into my ear." "Sir, I don't really get paid enough..." "Not you Alfred! Take the rest of the night off, okay?" "As you say Sir." Sometime later, after he had poured his own drink, Batman reflected on the strange events of the past few days and after some amount of contemplation picked up his phone. He didn't order Red Lobster Takeout or send a self portrait to any of the ladies. He simply texted "GFY" to Joker and immediately saw the three dots pop up. Things were finally getting back to normal.
  6. Because, SMC a.k.a Scarecrow and the final member of the Mafia team has been caught. Town wins and the streets of Gotham will never be the same.
  8. Final D5 Vote Count: Arsis (1) - SMC SMC (5) - JETS, Crush, Arsis, 80, Nyn With 8 players, it takes 5 to lynch
  9. Current D5 Vote Count: Arsis (1) - SMC SMC (4) - JETS, Crush, Arsis, 80 With 8 players, it takes 5 to lynch
  10. Phone fail - I was trying to format from my phone, never a good idea, and missed it. It's fixed now.
  11. Current D5 Vote Count: Arsis (1) - SMC SMC (2) - JETS, Crush With 8 players, it takes 5 to lynch
  12. Current D5 Vote Count: Arsis (1) - SMC SMC (1) - JETS With 8 players, it takes 5 to lynch
  13. It is now D5 With 8 players, it takes 5 to lynch.
  14. CTM was furiously pouring over his notes when a sack was thrown over his head. Next thing he knew, he was in a cell in Arkham. CTM HAS BEEN SENT TO ARKHAM ASYLUM AND MAY NOT POST IN THE GOTHAM THREAD ANY LONGER. HE MAY NOT VOTE AND HE DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD HIS FACTION'S NUMBER.
  15. Smash narrowed his eyes as he watched the antics taking place in the other cells in Arkham. He estimated he had things pretty well figured out and it was all just a matter of time and circumstance before the truth showed itself. And that was fine. he had nothing but time here in Arkham. He leaned against the door of his cell and almost fell when it opened... The guards were nowhere in sight and he automatically checked the rear exit that was also standing wide open. He wasted no time in showing himself out. SMASH HAS BEEN BROKEN OUT OF ARKHAM AND MAY NOW REJOIN THE GOTHAM THREAD.

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