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    I drink
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    Pretend like I'm sober

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    No. I Drink.
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    The time I ran out of beer after all the stores were closed.
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    All of them.
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    Depends on your definition.

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  1. That evidently came across as more serious than it was meant... I may have broken LOLOLOLOL
  2. You got it - next time I'll just post "R U SCUM?" And then I'll LOLOLOL every time you complain about nuance and people not getting your hints. LOLOLOL
  3. So much for hinting, lol. It was an attempt to say "look at the game from this angle" because your casing on me was so off.
  4. Out of all the players in the game, I needed to know which side Ape was on. If it hadn't been a recruitment game, I wouldn't have shot. But because it was, and because he was already angling on me pretty good, I figured he had been converted - If I was CL, he'd be my top pick. Plus, in all fairness, I didn't think the game needed another 240 pages of me and him going back and forth. It was a bad call.
  5. What are you even talking about? You gonna try to spin a narrative about how *a player could hypothetically* shoot another player, not knowing if they have a BPV or not, have it miss and then claim it to supply info - but they're still scum? But you're okay because you have an "earned item", so nothing to worry about. LOL
  6. Mysterious earned items are mysterious.
  7. It means that you were speculating on whether I could have *hypthetically* shot someone else. You're missing a lot this game.
  8. Y'all need to read a bit more closely. "Special" bullet. Savvy?

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