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  1. @GATA Bummed to miss this one - work started up again and there's a lot to catch up on, lol. Great theme!
  2. Ask myself this all the time...
  3. I'm not. No big loss - I gave honest reads for whatever they're worth and I didn't dilute the voting record so it's easier to catch opportunistic voters. Again, if y'all can't get the job done that ain't my fault. You may look to the people not playing tho...
  4. If you dorks can't get a lynch done, you deserve the random kill. My vote stays as is to support my reads and the voting record. Go Town
  5. JETS seems like he's town flailing. Who knows. I haven't been in a group with this many new players in a while. You're doing a great job of driving the bus tho - did they let you wear the hat this time?
  6. JC and Barry struck me as town on town. Arsis and Ape struck me as clowns who could either be tickling each other's fancy, or yucking it up on the scum QT. I wouldn't be surprised either way. You're better than this, lol
  7. Town on town referred to the JC / Barry dustup. Reads: My vote is on CTM Crush is pinging the scumdar I feel better about Barry (in a game way - not personally OMG). If Drums is trying to pull a super townie jump into the driver's seat, he's doing a good job of it. Nol had a decent game going before him. JC seems legit JETS seems lost Jvile is opportunistic 80 is doing his 80 thing - null tell. It bugs me a little that he turns it up closer to deadline, but I've been wrong about him more than I've ever been right. Gata playing it pretty legit. Smash didn't offer much before that. Pac is pretty much reduced to a mascot that runs around the court in between plays. Arsis is like a teenaged Lizzie that idolizes Ape. He makes no sense as either alignment. Ape is like a tired old guy that kinda wishes they made Viagra for Mafia, but deep down is glad they don't. He's a parody of himself these days. AVM needs to post more. Stark hasn't really said much yet. Kdels had an awkward opening post and can't seem to find his footing. Prolly scum here.
  8. After a few games you start to see the problem with a player establishing themselves as a "super townie" on D1, so it's always good to question a player when they are in that slot. Nobody else was playing when Drums cam and kick started the game. His logic is shaky here and there, most because it's D1, but he's got the energy to put himself into the director's chair. Look back and you'll see I never said he was scum - just calling him out for a summary post full of fluff. You are almost lovable. Almost. Lol Oh, okay. Lol If you get pissed everytime you get rubbed, Ape is gonna notice and attach to you like a leech. You don't want that. Nobody wants that. FWIW, I'm a safe lynch - VT. Do what you gotta do.
  9. They are both being honest. I rr'd them and although Barry is aggressively stirring the pot, he's doing it in a scum-hunting way imo. Dust ups like theirs are exactly the kind of thing I look at on D1 when there's nothing else to see yet. Just how I see it atm. Crush has a range he operates in and when he's confident, he's funnier. His comments this game have less edge and feel like obligatory replies for the eobvious layup. he's also pandering a good bit, voting with others without ever making a case, etc. Like I said, I'm not 100% because everyone has been apathetic, but it is what it is. You are easily entertained... Vote CTM GTH, I figure he's our best shot for doing his patented disappearing-when-scum act. I waited to see if he'd show up this morning, but he didn't, so town doesn't lose much if he's not scum.
  10. Go find your buddy Arsis and you two can keep pretend slap fighting.
  11. CTM is my best guess right now. He’s mirroring his play from last game. AVM maybe. And I might have a line on Crushlove, we’ll see.
  12. I questioned your approach. It’s what we do. FTR, this game just hit 18 pages - a busy game will hit 50 on D1, so we know we’re dealing with a lot of apathy. Truth is, nobody was really playing until you showed up, so cheers to you for that. Doesn’t make you town tho. Nobody has done much else - we’re just Now actually starting to play Now go find a butterfly you can take a picture of and stfu See the above post. Barry has somewhat of an antagonistic style and I haven’t decided if he’s getting info from that, which is possible, or if he just has a tiny peen
  13. I love the smell of town on town violence in the morning. It reminds me of failure.
  14. I don't even get a story? Total gyp imo Keep up with the expert analysis lol
  15. I consider his response reasonable because he did address the accusations and offered posts to back up his points.
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