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  1. Top 5 picks go two ways, hit big, contracts get extended…miss, and everyone gets fired. Right now the jury is still out on the QB and LT…questions galore. that said, how many non sack games does thibs get before the NY media starts calling him a bust and the fire JD articles start. Let him be somebody else’s headache…I’ll take Johnson or Karloftis at 10 thank you
  2. https://www.nj.com/jets/2022/04/jets-had-trade-offer-for-another-pro-bowl-wide-receiver-rejected-nfl-insider-says.html
  3. Seattle refuses to get fleeced again…You can’t blame them, taking back their own pick is laughable
  4. I think u just answered your own question. If JD and staff do not believe in Becton, the possibility of OT @ 4 is pretty high.
  5. But your point is well taken, we picked up Moses last yr and he played well. Kinda wish they had resigned him.
  6. Whose to say that u wait until 10 and Cross in also gone. We know the Giants are picking one for sure. I think if you can get a blue chip tackle @ 4 you run to the podium
  7. There’s not 1 GM in the league that thinks he’s picking a bust in the 1st round, but the facts are it happens all the time. No one knows that better than Jet fans. And that’s not to say Becton is a bust, he’s been injured twice, that said, it’s the good GM’s that don’t let their egos cloud their judgement. OT is to important for a QB’s growth and health, and our guy is exactly BIG BEN size. I’d put a premium on keeping him upright
  8. If we don’t go OT @ 4, and Fant or the oft injured Becton go down early, who exactly is playing OT for this team ? That is a recipe for QB suicide
  9. I agree with a lot of the previous posters. Strategically, we have 1 starting OT…Becton is a huge question mark. If Fant gets hurt god forbid, up sh*tz creek, as the saying goes. The 4th pick is so obvious and logical, it must be OT. Every good team has 3 competent OT. Draft one and let them fight it out.
  10. Love the Grady idea, swapping 4 for 9 for DK. Same could be said for a 10 and 26 swap with Tenn for AJ Brown. Everyone wins and maybe it takes an extra late pick to get either done.
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