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  1. Its about Flexibility in the draft, some of you guys bitch just to bitch you dont get it a team is not built through free agents.
  2. I heard a rumor that if Saleh came that Jimmy G would be our quaterback.
  3. Greenbean and Ryan have announced that. Jets Talk 24/7
  4. I think they are trying to go peoples Jones
  5. Just thought I would let everyone know that Rise and Walk: The Dennis Bryd Story is on television today at 1:30 PM Central time. It will be aired on FMC. Fox Movie Channel. The date is 5/29/11.
  6. I just felt that we should have gone deep more and I also thought the deep routes would be there especially in the first half since the steelers would have been expecting the ground and pound. They were focused on stopping our run in the first half. Just feel we should have opened it up when they were expecting run. But you know schotty expect the expected.
  7. Yes that is what I said, No not quite but Rex has the full load and utimately the D coordinator is responsible for the defensive play. I dont know who was making the defensive calls in the first half but they should have recognized it and changed to man sooner. If that be Rex's responsibility or Pettine's but as I said that is the responsibility of the D coordinator.
  8. I agree but when you run your mouth your the one to get called out.
  9. And I also would like to know where was the mouthy Bart Scott when it was all on the line. He seemed invisible. Looked like our D was the one who couldnt stop the nose bleed in the first half. But hey were a good football team.
  10. I agree we ran when we should have passed and passed when we should have run and that is Schotty.
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