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  1. Joe D get this man back in the house. Laurent Duvernay-Tardif.
  2. @Maxman close this thread please I have perfect legal rights to do this but I do not want to go through all of this aggrevation here. Lock this thread once again please.
  3. But also if you need to know the photos isn't anyone's original photo. It has been created as my own photo.
  4. The photos are from a licensed site I use and I have rights to them.
  5. This is my very own design and does not require licensing.
  6. Hi everyone I have talked with Maxman and he has cleared me to repost this. I am custom designing NY Jet Tumblers. Below I have posted a picture of one of them along with the entire print on the tumbler. These can be customized with names and also whatever Jet stuff you want on them for that matter even if you would like any other custom made tumbler I can do them. Reach out to me and send me a message here and Ill give you more contact details and we can discuss what you would like on your tumbler. The cost of the Jet tumblers is 25.00 you pay the shipping. Any other custom made tumblers may incur an additional fee. Jet Up everyone.
  7. Thank you very much for the compliments.
  8. I will donate 10 percent of all proceeds to Jet Nation. You have my word on that.
  9. Hi everyone just wanted to let you all know I am currently taking orders for custom made NY Jets Tumblers or really any tumblers you want. I am posting a picture of the Freeman M'CNeil one I made today this is my very own custom design. The tumblers are 25.00 each you pay the shipping. Contact me if you would be interested or want to see more pictures.
  10. Its about Flexibility in the draft, some of you guys bitch just to bitch you dont get it a team is not built through free agents.
  11. I heard a rumor that if Saleh came that Jimmy G would be our quaterback.
  12. Greenbean and Ryan have announced that. Jets Talk 24/7
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