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  1. I try my best... I think it was Jf90, Ape, Me, and I forget who else.. who played the mafia in a predators game and we failed so hard it became epic. We were called the predaturds.
  2. OOH if we have gifs on here now readily available I"m in trouble.
  3. Has it even started yet?
  4. I did. I'm mafia with JF80 and Crusher bro. Oh sh*t! I wasn't supposed to say that was I?
  5. I'm blaming all on you and JF80.
  6. Did not know this. So I'm gonna regret this huh?
  7. I swear the posts saying pms are going out over the weekend wasn't there when I posted that. Lizard can I be a ghost and find out the roles??? So I can read along.
  8. Dare I try? It's been like.. 10 years.
  9. Wait.. you have a personality?
  10. That's awesome as hell!!!! Thanks for tagging me! <3
  11. I spent christmas in the hospital. I had a lesion in my brain and a mini stoke thing called a tia. I'm doing better. Quarentine has made my panic disorder worse so I'm working on that too. Not currently working because of all the health sh*t.
  12. Hey there Ape! How are you doing?
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