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  1. Smc has not changed his avatar picture since 2011. Those boys have to be preteens now?
  2. Nae comes back from a 9 year hiatus and swoops in with a win.
  3. I love that you guys have not changed a damned bit in like 10 years.
  4. Here and there.. how about you big bro? The babies all in college now?
  5. Lol Hi. Didn't want to completely derail the game so I'll take delayed hellos.
  6. I have not been over there either Verby. I keep in touch with Barm on Facebook and have one or two others but that's about the jist of my interactions with DM and JN peeps.
  7. Given the time stamp of my "signature" it's been far too long.
  8. Up and down my friend. I just got an email today from Jetnation and realized I missed... most of you guys.
  9. Merry Christmas to my favorite Mafia buddies!! (and the rest of you idiots as well <3)
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