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  1. HELL YEAH buddy! She's gorgeous. Congrats to you both. <3
  2. I try my best... I think it was Jf90, Ape, Me, and I forget who else.. who played the mafia in a predators game and we failed so hard it became epic. We were called the predaturds.
  3. OOH if we have gifs on here now readily available I"m in trouble.
  4. I did. I'm mafia with JF80 and Crusher bro. Oh sh*t! I wasn't supposed to say that was I?
  5. I'm blaming all on you and JF80.
  6. Did not know this. So I'm gonna regret this huh?
  7. I swear the posts saying pms are going out over the weekend wasn't there when I posted that. Lizard can I be a ghost and find out the roles??? So I can read along.
  8. Dare I try? It's been like.. 10 years.
  9. That's awesome as hell!!!! Thanks for tagging me! <3
  10. I spent christmas in the hospital. I had a lesion in my brain and a mini stoke thing called a tia. I'm doing better. Quarentine has made my panic disorder worse so I'm working on that too. Not currently working because of all the health sh*t.
  11. You actually convinced some poor girl to marry you? I kid I kid.. Congratu****inglations man! That's awesome! Wait.. Jif is married too? Holy ****. Ape had like 2 last time I talked to him? And I know about the hottie he married. He was taking like a 2 year honeymoon when I retired.
  12. Thank you! Thank you Jetscode. Going pretty good and you?
  13. Hey JF80! I've been here and there. Jetnation wished me happy birthday so I thought I'd come bug you guys. I'm doing ok and how are you? Jezus.. I haven't changed my quote from Hess in ten years!
  14. 4 Person game? Somehow you all would still manage to make that last 3 weeks. :P
  15. Smc has not changed his avatar picture since 2011. Those boys have to be preteens now?
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