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  1. Alot more than u make on 80% disability, so shhh w/ the war stoiries that impress no one. And try to learn something while youre at it. Capcihe'?
  2. OK, so U shoot civilians in useless wars that we're doomed to lose. And you know nothing aboUt football, so shut your mouth.
  3. Did a pretty good job of what? He wasnt in a 5 technique. He's never played a 5 in the NFL, I doubt he's ever played a five in his life. Devito is your best bet IMO. Maybe Pouha. But if Gholston is at LE come the regular season you guys will have a serious problem.
  4. C'mon man. It goes without saying that Im just giving an opinion. And my opinion is that Gholston doesnt have hardly a prayer of doing the job that Shaun Ellis does, or Kendal Langford, or Rich Seymour. In a 4-3 he can bring it off the edge a la Cam Wake, but Vernon Carey, Sebas Vollmer, Jared Gaither etc, those guys would destroy him. Just my opinion of course.
  5. Free? Im trying to decide how much Im gotin to charge him for taking it off of his hands
  6. Not sure where youre going with this one. In a hybrid 46 look: In this look, Ellis is heads up (perhaps inside) on the RG, and the DL has covered all three of our interior lineman to discourage any inside run. As you can see, theres no ont protecting Bart Scott from Vernon Carey, this is not a look you will see often, especially in a short yardage situation. Or a true 46: Here there are 2 DEs and 2 DTs, 2 ILBS, 2OLBs, 2 S and one corner, in response to a heavy set 2RB 2 TE 1 WR formation from the offense. But in either case, the LDE is either over the G or the T, with
  7. Shhh. Youre just jealous b/c no one made a thread in your honor . Im a big deal around here, so get used to it. By Week 3, Ill be even bigger, and by the end of the season, I'll own this Mofo. Suggest you make a note of it.
  8. Lol @ bull rushed everybody. Ive saw him get some PT early last year when Pace was out, and yeah, hed looked a little stiff/clumsy. All Im saying is based on what Ive seen, his logical role is as a pass rusher in a 4-3 look. I think asking him to be a two gapper is putting him in a position to fail.
  9. There are alot of different ways to play it, depending on if youre a one gap or two gap team. But if youre a 3-4 team and you dont have a big guy covering the RT, youre in trouble. Say you shade your LDE outside the TE or in the TE-RT gap, youve created great blocking angles for a blockdown and pull by the TE-RT. Or if your end is in a 7 technique, the offense can seal outside with the TE, leaving a RT a free pass to the 2nd level and your LBs, then its Katie bar the door. In a 4-3 you can afford to have your end outside the TE b/c you have two DTs, a 1 and 3 technique. With just a NT in the 3
  10. Thats what I dont think youre understanding. What he did in college is not similar to a 3-4 end at all. In a 3-4 you cant just fly up the field a la Freeney or Jared Allen. Watch Douglas and Ellis, theyre lined up over the tackles, taking them on, holding the point and controling thier gap(s). They arent flying upfield looking for the QB until they read/play run first. Thats not Gholston's game. He's a Freeney, 4-3, fly up field guy, and if Freeney had to play the 5 tech, he'd stink too.
  11. No I dont think that, Im wondering why you would even try to say that I do.
  12. Its not that simple. He cant just gain 15 lbs and start playing the 5 technique anymore than he can lose 20 lbs and play safety. There is technique involved, years of coaching, playing experience, etc that have to be learned. Thats the main reason he struggled at OLB, he couldnt pick up the nuances/techniques, it wasnt his lack of size or athleticism, he has those in spades. I think Devito or Pitututu (sp?) are your candidates at end, with Gholston as your 3rd down pass rusher. We'll see what happens.
  13. Yeah I agree. The good coaches are the ones who squeeze every out unce of potential out of thier team, however much that is. That might mean 4-12 if youre the Bucs/Lions. Or 12-4 if youre the Jets/Patriots etc. I liked the way the Jets coaching staff simplified thier offensive game plans late in the year, and allowed thier running game and defense to take over. Those are the strengths of the team, and they can be ridden a long way. Im interested to see whether Sanchez will be unleashed this year, and if so, how much. There are alot of weapons to throw to, but the temptation to stick w/
  14. You realize these are padless, non contact drills right? Theres no 330 LB man attacking him, trying to drive him 10 yds downfield play after play after play. Also, Rex is a pretty candid guy, but its not prudent for a coach to broadcast that a player isnt doing well, especially to the media. You could offend/embarass the player, hurt his confidence, or more importantly, broadcast your weakness to opposing teams. Its not a good idea on several levels. I keep hearing how Chris Clemons is doing well at FS for us, but I wont believe a word of it until I see him in in pads, in a game, making plays
  15. The coaching staff is solid, but any decent staff would do well with the amount of talent you guys have over there. Same goes for the Steelers, and the Ravens. Brian Billick was on affensive genuis when he had Moss, Carter, Reed, and Smith. Then he got to Baltimore and couldnt score any points. Coaching is important, but its the players who make it happen.
  16. Uh huh. Did you really take time out of your life to write that...
  17. Im not questioning them either. What Im saying is that Gholston is too small to play the 5 technique. He can play outside in a 4-3, but you dont want him lined up trying to control/arm wrestle OTs, thats not his game.
  18. A local joke that went over your head, apparently. Not much goes under your head though, so Im not suprised.
  19. NO. Not unless youre playing a 4-3 defense. A 3-4 END needs to be closer in size to a DT than an OLB. Asking a 260 lb man to hold the point of attack against 315-330 lb OTs is tantamount to suicide. I can hope your coaches are that foolish. But I know better.
  20. There are a handul of guys on here who are absolutely pointless to talk to. Plenty of level headed guys though.
  21. Turrable idea. Imagine the Colts last year at 13-0, division clinched but 5 games to go. For me its a quantity-quality issue. Players arent going to play hard for 18 games, 80% of them dont play hard for 16 games. Its a recipe for a bunch of bad football IMO.
  22. You should hit a Fins forum and talk to some knowledgeable Fin fans, there is alot of concern with the team, and there always is. Its the casual ( dumb) fans that like to run thier mouths about how great we are. Buts its liek that for every NFL team, especially in June when everyone is undefeated: Thats just the basics, I wont bore anyone with a dissertation. Point being, most of us expect improvement on both sides of the ball, myself included. But no one that I know/respect as a football guy is saying we're some juggernaut. Anyhow, its way too early to start talking about pla
  23. Thanks. Tell your buddies to do the same .
  24. Im touched you'd defend me. Now Im a troll? Sheeeeit you do you know how many page views Ive generated for Max in the last few days? I deserve a frikkin award for for agreeing to converse with these clowns. Not you though Rillo, youre a decent guy. We can talk actual football anytime. If I made a thread talking about 1-2 gap defenses, mixed coverages, shade techniques and route adjustments, watch how fast all these jerks would get missing.
  25. Sure dont. I live in Northern Cuba.
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