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  1. Wetteland was good with the Yankees. Mets fans would kill to have a closer who is half as good as Wetteland was in 1996.
  2. Eric Smith is nowhere near the talent Rhodes is. I hope Poole plays well next season - the less I see of Smith the better. I know he played better last season but that was because our blitz was putting so much pressure on the qb Smith only had to cover his man for about 3-4 seconds per play.
  3. Unfortunately it may be Revis. I could see Cro and Wilson playing really well - too the point where our FO doesn't think they need to make Revis the highest paid DB ever.
  4. Knicks aren't done making moves. If Lebron announces he's staying in Cleveland or going to join Boozer in Chicago this is what will happen: Knicks resign Lee. Knicks let Curry's contract ($11.3 mil) expire and come off the books next off-season and subsequently use that cap space on either Carmelo or Kevin Durant. Probably Carmelo comes here. For those people saying the Knicks need a PG. Looks like Toney Douglas is starting next season and he's actually a good up and coming player. Knicks might be able to snatch Rubio from Minnesota but idiot David Kahn is probably demanding tha
  5. Apparently Lebron didn't join Wade and Bosh because he thought it would negatively affect the "Lebron Brand".
  6. Pedroia's an annoying little f_ck and his brother molests kids. He's like that little kid in high school with Napoleon complex who wants to fight everybody. No thanks.
  7. Uh oh, who are Eagles fans going to scream for after they start demanding Kolb be benched next season?
  8. Bye bye leverage in those contract negotiations.
  9. They still served food on airlines? I'm sorry but I fly domestic and the "meals" usually consist of a tiny bag of pretzels and plastic cup of either water or soda.
  10. Look, the cops who shot Sean Bell *****ed up. Did they intend to go out to kill a black guy? No they just choked and acted stupidly. It was a horrible incident and we should all feel sorry for both the cops involved and Sean Bell's family.
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