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  1. He ie heavily focused when he pitches against the Yankees though.


    The unhittable armando benitez. he's better than Rivera.. oh wait no..Billy wagner is better than Rivera..lol..oh wait..Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in the history of baseball.

    As a Yankee fan, we have been so spoiled by having Rivera in there for 13 years. I remember John Wettland making my heart palpitate. when you look at Rivera's post season stats with all the games hes been in, its just amazing.

    Wetteland was good with the Yankees. Mets fans would kill to have a closer who is half as good as Wetteland was in 1996.

  2. Takes a pretty good athlete to make those plays. Eric Smith has never been close to making a play like either of those.

    Eric Smith is nowhere near the talent Rhodes is. I hope Poole plays well next season - the less I see of Smith the better. I know he played better last season but that was because our blitz was putting so much pressure on the qb Smith only had to cover his man for about 3-4 seconds per play.

  3. This improves the Knicks but still a long way from being a good team yet.

    Knicks aren't done making moves. If Lebron announces he's staying in Cleveland or going to join Boozer in Chicago this is what will happen:

    Knicks resign Lee. Knicks let Curry's contract ($11.3 mil) expire and come off the books next off-season and subsequently use that cap space on either Carmelo or Kevin Durant. Probably Carmelo comes here.

    For those people saying the Knicks need a PG. Looks like Toney Douglas is starting next season and he's actually a good up and coming player. Knicks might be able to snatch Rubio from Minnesota but idiot David Kahn is probably demanding that we also take Al Jefferson's horrendous contract. No thank you.


  4. There is something fundamentally wrong with the NBA that this circus is covered more than NBA Finals games.

    James could sign with this rich thug who figures to die in a hail of bullets one day when he displeases Putin-

    mikhail-prokhorov.jpg or this born on 3rd base and thinks he hit a triple shmuck who rips off cable suscribers for kicks-


    Good luck with that.

    Actually, Prokhorov is a pretty smart and likeable guy. Unlike Jim Dolan who is neither.

    Supposedly the meeting between Lebron, Prokhorov and part-owner Jay-Z went great today. Wouldn't be surprised if it did. Nets can offer Lebron 1) a forum in the biggest market in North America 2) a supporting cast that will include another max free agent (either Wade or Bosh) + Devin Harris + Brook Lopez + Favors.

    I'm a Knicks fan but honestly I would love to see Lebron play locally even if it is for another team like the Nets.

  5. the knicks ownership should be put into public stocks and rotten tomatoes thrown at them for what they did to this team. they should be stripped of all their belongings and banished from the city.

    Actually they did put the ownership in public stocks. The IPO was issued last January as a an extra incentive for Lebron to come here.

    And then David Stern immediately shot that down, inventing a new rule that players can't own stocks in the teams they play for.

    David Stern blows.

  6. Hawks offered JJ a max deal. It's gonna be hard for him to turn down $30 mil more to stay in Atlanta. Amare is still a realistic target, same with Boozer. Lebron either goes to Chicago, Miami or stays in Cleveland.

    If the Knicks sign Amare but can't get JJ I think an option is to trade for Richard Jefferson. RJ is arguably just as good as JJ and only has 1 year left on his deal. His problem is he doesn't fit in with the Spurs.

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