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  1. A.) Kobe has won a title without Shaq. A couple days from now, we may be able to say he's won two. Jordan won ZERO championships without Pippen.


    B.) Shaq is over-rated, IMO. Was he great? Absolutely. But top ten of all-time? No way. Shaq dominated in a watered down NBA. Seriously, name me another top center whenever the Lakers were winning all those championships. He was fortunate to hit his prime right after Hakeem, the Admiral, and Ewing all retired.

    a) The '09 Lakers were one of the worst teams to ever win an NBA title. Garnett isn't injured that year they beat the Lakers again in the Finals that season.

    B) Tim Duncan is one of the greatest PF's of all-time, is a 7 footer and moved back and forth between Center and PF his entire career and Shaq beat him for a championship in 2001 and again in the playoffs in 2004. You want to blame Shaq for hitting his peak as a player after Olajuwon and Ewing got old fine I don't think that argument really holds water. Is it Jordan's fault he hit his prime after Bird and Magic got old?

    Robinson was a very overrated player his entire career and isn't even in the same category as Shaq.

  2. Umm, not for nothin', but Rapistberger started a game they lost to the Browns last year. The Steelers aren't a great team by any stretch of the imagination right now.

    They're pretty good. That's about it.

    That game was a fluke. The Browns are going to be even worse next year than they were last season. Shaun Rogers will likely be suspended and not like Anderson and Quinn were good last year but Delhomme is putrid.

  3. She is absolutely extremely hot. Great face, hair everything. She also has one of the best bodies in Hollywood and from what I heard she doesn't even have a personal trainer so she got that jewel of a body through her own hard work.

  4. they only admitted having it in 2003. but it was neville clinton who gave them 8 years to get the fissionable material while he made deal after deal with them that was broken one after another.

    Read the post again and do your research. They WITHDREW from the non-proliferation treaty in 2003 and didn't test a nuclear weapon until 2006 while your homeboy had been president for 6 years. They got their fissionable material from their ally China which had already been nuclear for decades and supports North Korea because they want to limit US influence in the Asian region.

    Check your facts.

  5. thank God they didn't have the bomb. the only reason Kim Jong Il isn't a smudge in a bunker somewhere is because he will nuke Seoul if we invade. The world appeased him for decades, during which time he violated every agreement and continued to enrich uranium. Now that he has the bomb, we're stuck with him. Which is why you have to strike before the threat is "imminent." In about 6-12 months it'll be too late to do anything about Iran, also.

    Uh hate to break it to you we were stuck with Kim Jong Il way before evil Clinton and Obama. North Korea has a huge stockpile of artillery and a guns of navarone-style setup in their mountains to launch that artillery and wipe out every square inch of South Korea from Seoul to the 38th paralel. Not to mention the North Koreans also already had an arsenal chemical weapons for decades prior to going nuclear in 2006.

    With or without nuclear weapons a second act of the Korean War would be Mutually Assured Destruction for both North and South Korea. That's a fact. Our allies in South Korea would have been wiped out holocaust style by bombadement of artillery and chemical weapons. I don't care whatever neocon bs website, radio show or propaganda news network tell you.

  6. thanks clinton for not wiping out this moron before he got the bomb. a mistake the current president is now repeating with Iran.

    North Korea actually didn't "get the bomb" until George W. Bush was president. N Korea withdrew from the nuclear non-proliferation treaty in 2003 and didn't conduct its first nuclear test until October 9, 2006. N Korea has enough artillery to destroy every square inch of our ally South Korea from Seoul on northward to the DMZ. "Wiping out the moron" would have cost millions of South Koreans their lives. Invading Iran would cause, among other things, a long-drawn out blockade and disruption of the Strait of Hormuz thus crippling the world economy far worse than any sub-prime meltdown ever could.

    But please, don't let the facts get in the way.

  7. Steelers Week 1-6 Schedule

    vs. Falcons

    @ Titans

    @ Buccaneers

    vs. Ravens


    vs. Browns

    Not a particularly daunting schedule, especially when you factor the bye in there. Charlie Batch can hold his own. I'll say the Steelers start out 3-2 and remain very much in the hunt when Roethlisberger makes it back.

    Steelers probably go 3-2 even with Batch at QB. Bucs and Browns are automatic Ws and they can probably get a W out of either TItans or Falcons.

  8. Its close between them two, but I don't want to hear any more about how Zimmerman isn't the best 3rd Baseman in the NL. David Wright has to be the most overrated player in all of baseball, yet he gets more respect than Zimmerman, and Chipper Jones, who along with Wright is ahead of Zimmerman in the All-Star voting, isn't as good as he used to be.

    You're right that Wright is overrated. Pretty much any player on the Mets that ever has success in any manner whatsoever becomes overrated. That being said in all fairness to Wright hitting in the Grand Canyon Citifield has hurt his career as a Met I know he's bounced back this season but he won't be as good as he was in 2008.

    Longoria over Zimmerman btw.

  9. I 'dunno. The refs are killing this series. Kobe - regardless of some of those incredible shots last nite- isn't having the greatest series because of early foul issues and Pierce flat out can't get into an offensive groove because of foul trouble. I just wish the refs would let them play! Both teams are physical....don't beleive the finesse hype. Lakers play down and dirty defense too - the only finesse player the Lakers have may be that ugly euro trash Paul Gasol who cries like a baby when things get too physical for him.

    It's not the Celts defense that is the issue, it's the offense. For once I would like more than one of the big three to have a good game in a night. I also think Doc may be mis-managing Rondo's minutes. He goes out like gangbusters last night - plays aggressive - celts feed off that stuff - and then his energy just disappears until the fouth. Not sure if he's tired or not drinking enough red bull.

    I hate the Lakers, their rapist superstar and their fake ass fans, as much as the next person, but give credit where credit is due. They stuck to their guns last night - even when it didnlt look good to do so, and they prevailed. The Lakers won a critical game three on the road. They should win the chamspionship now. Not winning it would be a bit of a choke job at this point.

    Gasol is actually one of the few European players in the NBA who actually plays defense. I still can't believe all they had to give up to get him was Kwame Brown - expiring contract and all it just isn't fair how in the nba the rich always get richer. And to top it off they get Ron Artest for a modest contract.

    I hate the Lakers too and their trendy fans. These clowns who are currently riding Kobe's jockstrap were probably rooting for Michael and Scottie in the 1990s.

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