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  1. They don't save anything by cutting him as I recall. He was tagged as a RFA, guaranteeing his salary for this year. Don't know how that changes, if at all, if he's cut and another team picks him up. The Jets may still be on the hook for his salary even if he signs with someone else, in which case it's a pure loss (that's only compounded when you add in a salary for Brunell).

    I wouldn't have tendered him to begin with.

  2. I'm so sick and tired of ESPN telling me every 2 seconds "the team that wins game 2 wins the series 78%." ***** those bs stats that don't apply here. These are two veteran teams and the series is going 7 games.

  3. I just got offered Kemp for Strasburg straight up in a fantasy league . . . and turned it down

    (OK, I would have taken it if it wasn't a keeper league and Kemp wasn't set to be a FA next season, but then, it probably wouldn't have been offered in the first place)

    I wish I drafted Strasburg. Oh well, I'm still in first place and drafted David Price in round 21.

  4. I agree. Kerry Collins would be ideal if he were available. And why have we shown zero interest in Jeff Garcia?

    Maybe we can offer Tennesee a late round pick for Collins. Why are they keeping him? Vince Young is the starter. I'd also rather have Garcia over Brunell.

    Any of the names I mentioned are better than Clemens, Ainge and probably O'Connell too.

  5. He will be taking the mound in the postseason. He's in the Kenny Rogers, Jeff Weaver slot in the rotation. He'll either be giving innings in a blow out or taking a start against some other teams crappy 4th or 5th starter in a game we hope to win 12-8.

    Oh God no.

    Jeff Weaver, Kenny Rogers? Why do you have to bring those names up again? Why not mention Randy Johnson, Jim Abbot and Jaret Wright while you're at it?

  6. When I watch Jenkins on the field, I expect every play to be his last. He's not an every down player plus he's delicate.

    Back issues, knee issues, weight issues.

    I love when Jenkins is on the field, but there's a clear difference from him week 1 to week 16.

    I dont think Revis has ever come out of a game.

    You know it's because of this I was hoping Cody would fall to us in rd 2 but the damn Ravens snatched him up. He's going to be good. Hopefully Pouha continues to play at the level he did last year.

  7. For anyone who rates Brandon Marshall as one of the top five receivers in the game - don't be fooled by fantasy stats. Marshall's YPC has dropped every year he's been in the league. He is a possession receiver.

    Reggie Wayne is a significantly more dangerous receiver than Marshall. Look at their last three seasons:

    Marshall: 310 receptions, 3710 yards, 11.97 YPC, 23 TD.

    Wayne: 286 receptions, 3919 yards, 13.7 YPC, 26 TD.

    The only advantage Marshall has over Wayne is youth. Wayne is significantly more explosive and has a much better attitude.

    Marshall is Keyshawn II. He is a very nice player to have on your team but he doesn't strike fear into the heart of a defense.

    The decline in YPC last season can easily be attributed to losing Cutler and Shanahan in favor of scrubs like Orton and McDooshnozzle.

    I agree Moss is still better than Marshall but Marshall's stats cannot be argued with. And he's not Keyshawn II. Marshall is a faster and more dynamic receiver than Keyshawn ever was.

    And to criticize putting a possession wr top 5 and then saying Welker is better is a bit contradictory. Plus I doubt Welker will ever be the same player after his knee injury.

  8. What's with all the Edwards hate? I think this guy will surprise this year with sticky hands.

    Edwards has had more than his fair share of haters among Jets fans over the years. I think he's going to have a big year for us next year. He's playing for a contract, has all the tools and abilities and is developing chemistry with Sanchez. I'm predicting 1,000 yds and 10 tds minimum.

  9. Never mine all of that..

    The better is that Lebron will be in a good team next season.

    Buy a affordable Condo's at chicago real estate market

    Rose, Wade, Lebron, Bosh, Noah.

    Get used to hearing that lineup. That meeting Lebron, Wade and co just had? It was too discuss how all of them could play for the Bulls next year.

    F them. They'll never be as good as Michael and Scottie.

  10. His numbers are inflated over the last few games because he faced the Mets in a ballpark that is perfect for him and the Orioles. I think he'll be ok from now on but I don't want this guy taking the mound in the postseason hell no.

  11. This team looks asleep right now.

    Teixeira has been god awful. Randy Wynn sucks. Thames sucks. The bullpen has been crap. Nick Johnson was a joke.

    Cano has cooled off after carrying the team in April.

    The offense will pick up big time once Granderson and Posada come back. Posada needs to stay at DH the rest of the season we need his bat in the lineup.

    Hopefully Granderson comes back and stays healthy. If not I think Jermaine Dye has to be a consideration for Left Field/DH.

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