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  1. This is cool. The Jets will have a home game in the 2014 Super Bowl.
  2. If there's a team capable of doing that it's Orlando.
  3. You got hot for a weekend yay. You're still not making the playoffs this season.
  4. We don't play in Arizona next season so Mark should be safe.
  5. LT will gain more yards and score more touchdowns next season than broken down TJ in Kansas City.
  6. Uh because we have 4/5 of our offensive line set with good players and the rest of our team is stacked and have a way better coach than Mangini.
  7. My biggest surprise in the sack? Monica Belluci's breasts.
  8. Coach of the Year Award in any sport is a joke except football. Cavs should have fired Ferry too. He's the real culprit there.
  9. I agree getting Taylor was worth letting go of Feely but we still need a semi-competent kicker. I would have liked to give Nuge a second chance and bring him here to compete with Folk but the Bengals signed him. I hope someone decent is available or will be in August because Folk scares me.
  10. Is it possible for Gholston to get negative sacks next season?
  11. I give Girardi credit for being thorough but this protest never had a chance.
  12. Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals for the 5,000th time. Yay. This is what happens when David Stern sucks the c0cks of 4-5 teams in the league making sure all the good players go to those teams. Lakers get Artest and Gasol for basically nothing (Kwame Brown). Celts get Garnett and Allen very cheaply. Meanwhile the Nets have one of the worst seasons ever and can't even get a top 2 pick in the draft.
  13. We all knew Folk was a huge risk. Hopefully there's a decent kicker available somewhere.
  14. I'm dominating my fantasy baseball league but dammit I need Hanley to stay on the field. Just man up and apologize already and play the rest of the season out. Demand a trade in the off-season you clown.
  15. Edwards and Holmes are both good receivers. The Jets will keep whoever ends up being cheaper. Simple as that.
  16. It's becoming pretty obvious the Joba you saw in late 2007 was a fluke. This is the real Joba. He's a good to very good middle reliever and a decent to good 4th or 5th starter.
  17. Joe Johnson's team just finished with the 3 seed in the East. He's a very good player. Didn't do well in the playoffs but overall is very good. Team him up with Amare, Boozer or Bosh to go along with Gallo, Toney Douglas, Chandler and Lee (assuming we resign him using the Bird exception) and the Knicks are probably one of the top 4 teams in the Eastern conference next season. Not only that but the Knicks can even use Johnson as trade bait in a sign-and-trade for Carmelo or Kevin Durant in 2011.
  18. Yes that would be a good team but that would basically be what he has in Cleveland right now with Mo Williams and Varejao. If the Knicks got Bosh or Amare they could go to Lebron and say "you have never played with a dominant big man we now have that for you."
  19. F David Stern giving the top pick to his late buddy Abe Pollin. Little b*tch. I want the Knicks to trade for Arenas after they sign two free agents.
  20. 2 teams get into the top 3? What the *****
  21. Normally you'd be right but Chris Johnson is an exception. Legendary backs like Barry Sanders and Tomlinson in their primes are no doubt worth top money. CJ is no different.
  22. Wall would make the Nets an infintely more attractive landing spot. Lebron would be signing with a team that has Wall, Devin Harris, Brook Lopez and either Amare or Bosh plus the team will be moving to Brooklyn in a couple years. They're already going to be playing in a beautiful arena in Newark next year that's only a short Path ride from downtown Manhattan.
  23. Bay went from hitting in the hitter's paradise bandbox Fenway to hitting in the grand canyon Citifield. Ofcourse his numbers were going to nose dive. If he stayed in Boston he'd still be a 20 hr 100 rbi guy without a doubt. Both the pitching and the offense suck.
  24. I'd love to see the Nets get Wall. Would increase the chances of Lebron coming to a local team while at the same time decreasing Chicago's chances of signing him.
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