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  1. The Sux owned Mariano back when they had an actual offense. Their offense is mediocre now after letting Bay go for nothing, Ortiz no longer using steroids and relying on Victor Martinez to be a big-time run producer. Expect the Sux to go hard after Werth and Pena in the off-season and maybe even going after Pujols though they obviously have a much better shot at the first two.
  2. Harris is a very good player but as far as value goes Brick and Revis are both easily more valuable. Like Sperm Edwards said earlier how many top-paid LB's is our defense supposed to have?
  3. I hope you guys are right but everything indicates he's either staying in Cleveland or going to Chicago. The Bulls can offer Lebron a way better supporting cast than he had in Cleveland and David Stern wants the NBA to go back to how it was in the 90's with kids running around in Bulls jerseys and Chicago winning every year. Only hope the Knicks have is if they lock up Amare or Chris Bosh very early on in free agency. I'm talking first 48 hrs of free agency early.
  4. I may not like the Red Sox but I do have a great deal of respect and appreciation for Fenway. Now that the original Yankee Stadium is gone it is the best and most historic baseball stadium still around. I hope they never tear down Fenway. I saw a game there in 1995 and I hope I get to see another game there again before the corporate a-holes tear it down to make the latest Camden Yards ripoff.
  5. Mangold is the best Center in the game but even a good not great LT like Brick is still more valuable than an all-pro Center. Especially when it's a team like the Jets who have no depth at QB. I don't want a scrub protecting Mark's blindside and then all of a sudden we're stuck with a piece of crap like Kellen Clemens or O'Connel starting at QB rest of the season. Not to mention we already have another good Center in Damien Woody on our roster who, if all else failed, could switch back to Center from Right Tackle and all we'd need is to find a decent run-blocking RT which are a dime a dozen. Harris is a top 3 ILB? That is not a true statement at all and quality ILB's are pretty easy to find which is why I laugh at Pats fans who gloat on and on about Jerod Mayo. If Harris wants ridiculous money he can go to another team we can draft a good ILB to replace him in round 1 or 2 of the draft.
  6. Cro is a one year deal. The kid we drafted from Piscataway will be the starting #2 CB in 2011. Holmes & Edwards - one of them will have to be a Jet for the long-run. We need a legit #1 wr. Revis - must-sign Brick - must-sign Mangold - great player but easier to replace than Brick or Revis Harris - very good player but you can find good ILB's in free agency or the draft, just stay away from the boar-hunters.
  7. He's only a threat to the art of music.
  8. In case you haven't noticed you have two far superior teams in your own division and this is the worst Sox team in recent years. You lost Bay for nothing. V-Mart is overrated. Beltre sucks and Ortiz is at best a 20 hr 80 rbi guy without the steroids now.
  9. They need to do the following things: 1. Fire Danny Ferry - Let's be honest this guy is not a good NBA GM. If it wasn't for Lebron falling in his lap in the 2003 draft he would have been canned years ago. He has failed to give Lebron even a decent supporting cast and has made gimmicky moves for overrated players like Jamison or for guys way past their prime like Shaq and Ben Wallace. 2. Fire Mike Brown - it's actually a little bit unfair that he's being set up as the fall guy for this season. Most if not all of the blame should go to Ferry. However, Brown is not even a top 10 coach and if the Cavs want a shot at resigning Lebron they need either a top notch coach or hire someone he really likes (see #4). 3. Cut Delonte West - did he with Lebron's mother? I don't know but obviously something is going on between West and Lebron behind the scenes. 4. Hire John Calipari to be head coach/gm - Lebron is good friends with Calipari and he has people going to teams with cap space and coaching vacancies trying to sell them on a Lebron-Calipari package. Now I am a Knicks fan and obviously I would rather have Lebron on my team. However, I'm pretty sure if Lebron doesn't stay in Cleveland he is going to Chicago. I don't know about you but I am not about to watch another 10 years of the Bulls dominating the NBA and frontrunners parading around in red bulls jerseys.
  10. Shaq is done. Retire already you are embarassing yourself.
  11. Matsuzaka blows. This may be his last year in Boston. The Red Sox are not making the playoffs this year they suck bawls. Don't worry they will simply just sign Werth and Pena this off-season and get rid of the busts Ortiz, V-Mart and Beltre.
  12. Right now Lester is the only pitcher in the Sux rotation who I fear.
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