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  1. That's been a source of debate. Now the absolute fact you want it to be. Taps
  2. This thread is a bannable offense. Taps
  3. PoconoJetFan

    Bell is now an out of shape fatty

    Puto pendejo is more like it. J/k Taps
  4. PoconoJetFan

    Bizzaro Jets: EVERYTHING is different

    Good post, well thought out. Thanks Taps
  5. PoconoJetFan

    Sign Tony Romo to Off Coordiinator

    Sign this beast!! Taps
  6. PoconoJetFan

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Pats always get the call. Let's see...... Taps
  7. PoconoJetFan

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Boom. Saints land knock out punch. Taps
  8. PoconoJetFan

    Let's go Chiefs

    Like most of us here on this board we can only hope that your words come to reality. I for one am sick of talking about TB12 and ******* Belichick. I'm hoping that the Brady show is off the air. Taps
  9. Wjat i meant to say is im dying without watching the jets. I was hoping someone would help me. I take medication that had me confused. Anyone who could help in the future I be grateful. The only thing I get here is NFL red zone. Hate it. Don't know which VPN work work Taps
  10. We need to finally push the butoon on Bowles. McCagnan can finish the season Taps
  11. PoconoJetFan

    Who's Paying For The Billboards

  12. PoconoJetFan

    Fire Todd Bowles. Fire Kacy Rodgers

    I cant name one player I can say Todd Bowles has coached up. Can't be everyone drafted by bus forgets how to play. Ten years of Rex and Bowles. Getting ready to cut out my eyes. Taps
  13. PoconoJetFan

    Please help me part io

    Ps im 46 not an opiod user. Just a forever jet fan I remember it all. Richard Todd, mudbowl, too many heartsbreaks too list before I wind up back in the er. God will b Pay u back. Pay forward if you can. I be ecstatic. Many thanks. Taps

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