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  1. I saw your comment. No, I'm not going to be gone for a year, silly. How could I stay away from your smexiness that long? I just meant after football season. I'll play a game or two next year for sure. Right now, I'm on mafia burnout. I'll pop in sometimes too, to see what's going on in the Lounge.

  2. Thanks. I repped you, but hit enter too soon. I can't explain, but that's why I shut up. I could get really harsh and lose a friend over this nonsense.

  3. Lily

    I thought we were already friends, or I would have requested you weeks ago!

  4. Lily

    I was reading your QT. Congrats on the six years.

  5. There's nothing accidental about it, hon. ;)

  6. Lily

    Well, I guess our tastes are very different. Like I said, I love them individually. And I grew up here, but lived in Portland, OR for a good chunk of my adult life.

  7. Lily

    Lol....... marriage was not a good time in my life, but I got some great kids out of it! I picked music back up after mine, as well. I understand that one. I'm not over my illness, unfortunately. I never will be, but I'm treating it successfully, and able to get up and do things now, so it's good. I have severe asthma, and it got VERY bad, which is why I have to relearn to sing all over again. Breathing is different now. And I forgot to mention the other genre I do a lot of - the 60's. Bread, The Hollies, Carole King, etc. Just no Beatles. Individually, they rock, but I don't care for them as a group. And no Beach Boys. I can't go that high! lol

  8. Lily

    No point in spamming the game thread. Our musical tastes are pretty different. I used to have a karaoke company and I'm a vocalist only, sadly. Always wanted to learn bass, but never got around to it. I mostly do 70's rock - Foreigner, Pat Benatar, etc. and post-1980 Country. I'm just picking music back up after 4 years of illness, so I'm really rusty......lol. It's coming back - slowly. I don't see me investing the time at this point in my life to go anywhere with it, though. Too many other interests. Still, music fills a hole that nothing else fits in. I'm sure you know that feeling.

  9. Lily

    Hey! It wouldn't let me rep you for your response to Verb on the big ego. Loved it! You do know that the combination of a big ego and a great sense of humor is irresistable, right? Pfft! You're Wes! Of course you do. Have a good one, my friend. *hugs*

  10. Thanks, Max. 40 posts per page is much nicer.

  11. Thanks for the comment. I love it here! Now that I know that the unfriendliness was a mafia tactic (and a BRILLIANT one! Worked like a charm!) I'm cool with it.

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