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  1. Intriguing! But that wasn't a threat. That was a "see ya later" sort of thing. Oh, Gods! Not the "p" word again! (DPR - Not a word!) Good to know Hiiiiii, CTM *bats eyelashes* Is this an open relationship? Or should I keep my hands to myself on this one? (And I FINALLY figured out your smilies here!)
  2. No offense taken, darlin' but a woman never forgets! Catch ya next time! Seriously, I've done worse...MUCH worse.
  3. I like a smart man! I originally was gonna say "not gonna happen" but the naughty side took over. She needs VERY little encouragement! I hope so. I really like you guys!
  4. Wait! You want me to amp it UP?!?!?!? Oh, just with you. You have a point there, love. You DID stick up for me. Convince me, cutie. If you're a gentleman, does that mean I have to be a lady? Cuz there is no way that's gonna cum to pass. I have a feeling this will be fun, if y'all really don't mind me being myself. I'm a tad..... wild.
  5. C'mon, Nae, I can't take on all these guys by myself. Oh, crap! I AM the only girl in the game now.... Dan, oh Dan, why did you leave me like this?? Wait! All these guys to myself? Hmmm..... *grins* Seriously, Nae's awesome! You'd love having her back (as herself.)
  6. Oh, yeah. 'Bout that.... *blush*
  7. I've got the perfect miniskirt and heels for you, too!
  8. I just have one thing to say to that! I think I love you! I was reading some of the recap, and the big question for me is: Why did I sacrifice myself? Because I was too confident in my abilities to read the f**king source material. I had NO idea I was anyone powerful. In the games I normally play in of this size, everyone has a role, and this wouldn't have been a terribly important one. Lesson learned. Also, I would like to mod one of my games from DM over here if you guys want. I can change the setting from a shopping mall for you. And don't worry, Doggin, Verb, and DPR. I'll s
  9. Which insult did I aim at you? Gods! I hope it wasn't the manhood one! (I really should learn to use the multi-quote thingie)
  10. WHO told you about that?!?!?!??!
  11. Hey, guys, sorry I sucked so badly. (I have NEVER in my whole life said that sentence! ) You taught me a whole lot and I thank you. Sorry I had such a hard time adjusting to the JN culture. I'll do better from now on, if you'll have me back. Oh! Any questions on who this is?
  12. Lily

    LOST Mafia

    You know, Crush, I love you at DM, but you are waaaay sexier over here! I'm gonna like this!
  13. Lily

    LOST Mafia

    I'd love to go around again, if you'll have me. Two guesses on who this is! I come to you a much humbler version of the girl you met last time. Thanks for handing me my butt on a platter. I'll leave my rep at DM and learn all over again how to play without it. Hey, I'll understand if you don't want me, and there's no way I'm going to try to blend in again with alts......lol. I'm very much a girlie girl, although I did date a Marine for a few years, so I might be able to keep up language-wise. Oh, and Vic? I know the source material, but only the first couple of Seasons. Is th
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