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  1. I feel the same way, Leelou. I'm modding this one, whenever it happens, and then probably taking a good long break.
  2. Okay. Y'all let me know when you want that alt game. It's all ready to go.
  3. Sorry for your loss and your crappy cousin, Leelou. My family situation is going to last at least a week. I need to either put off the game or cancel it altogether. Whatever you guys want to do.
  4. I just had an emergency come up in my family. I'll get to this when I can.
  5. Nobody takes Verb's spot. I'd make room for Crushlove if he wanted. Random roles have been assigned. I just need to get the game thread up and the role PMs out.
  6. Player list: Decker Jif Pac 80 Nolder DPR Jetscode AVM Smash Spoot-face Verb EY Maybe Zander
  7. Any last minute takers? Role PMs go out in the morning.
  8. It looks like we'll be lucky to get 12 at this point. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. I'm going to cap the game at 14. I remember there are players *coughVerbalcough* who don't like big games.
  10. Is there a reason he feels like we don't want him here?
  11. Anybody else have a friend or two? I'd prefer 16, but I can run it with what we have.
  12. Player list: Decker Crushlove Jif Pac 80 Nolder DPR Jetscode AVM Ape Smash Spoot-face Verb
  13. I don't really have any friends who play mafia, I don't think.
  14. Look at it this way, Verb. It's an alt game. You won't be automatically blind lynched day 1.
  15. I should, shouldn't I? @Verbal Made up your mind yet?
  16. I'm thinking a Monday start, if that works for all of you. Don't want to start on the weekend, and I want to give signups at least one more day.
  17. Decker Crushlove Jif Pac 80 Nolder DPR Jetscode AVM Ape Smash Spoot-face @HessStation You're playing, right?
  18. We need at least one more player. @Nynaeve do you have any DM friends who would like to play?
  19. Spoot, you're not a jackass, you're just hurting. You just need to walk through the pain to get to the other side. Alcohol won't get you there.
  20. Nope. We care about you. Let the therapy flow.
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