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  1. I hope so. I enjoy modding with you in the game. You entertain me.
  2. Spoot, you should join us. Get your mind off the girl who didn't deserve you anyway.
  3. Verb, I'm taking that as a signup.
  4. @Spoot-Face Come play! Who else have we missed?
  5. Yes. I already have them written. Just waiting to rand the players.
  6. And I was your mason partner. In fact, I was your partner for your first two games.
  7. My first game here was alts. I don't really enjoy alt games as a player. My second game here was memorable, though. I was the leader of the bad guys - maybe a godfather, don't remember that part - and the other team of bad guys had to keep me alive to satisfy their winco. I'm telling you they had to work hard at it. lol
  8. Aww, I was your first? This game has triggers, too. I forgot I had done that here already.
  9. This is me. Which do you think?
  10. Alts are set up and ready - new pictures and cleaned out the inboxes. Feel free to change your password and picture when you get your alt.
  11. I'm going to say it here and again in the rules - NO posting with the alts outside of this forum. I will modkill your ass with a quickness.
  12. We have alts. Yay! @Leelou do you want the setup in the dead thread?
  13. I'd like a little bit bigger game, too.
  14. He'll play if we can have alts. Pretty please?
  15. Crusher, can we have alts? Also, I'm going to warn you guys, up front. there is no way I can completely balance this setup. It starts off balanced, but there are variables that could affect it.
  16. We are up to 10! Player list: Decker Crushlove Jif Pac 80 Nolder DPR Jetscode AVM Ape
  17. Did Ape sign up? @Integrity28 are you signing up? Oh, hell. You're playing.
  18. I think I didn't look at page 2. Sorry. Player list: Decker Crushlove Jif Pac 80 Nolder DPR Jetscode I have the game written for 13 but we can always add more cool stuff if we get more players.
  19. Player list: Decker Crushlove Jif Pac 80
  20. When do you want it to start? It's starting when I get enough signups, unless you need me to delay it a couple of days.
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