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  1. I could mod now, but I'll need a co-mod for when I'm busy, unless y'all think I should pass because of how busy I am. I'll understand.
  2. Great game, Hally! I haven't had this much fun in a game in a long while, even though I played poorly.
  3. Oops! I just checked my PM again, and the guilty was on Ape!
  4. Okay, I'm not the doc. I just said that to try to pull an Ape. I'm actually the backup cop. I got a not town result on AJ.
  5. I don't know. A BPV on who they did shoot at? I've assumed before and been wrong.
  6. Well, there could have been another explanation. But I'd like to think I saved Smash.
  7. I might be getting lynched today, but remember, I probably did stop a nightkill last night.
  8. I know I've played badly, and mixing up my notes is probably the final straw. Sorry to let the town down.
  9. Just a case of mixed up notes, Ape.
  10. I am blonder today that usual. I considered protecting Crusher and have it in my notes, but then decided on Smash. Sorry.
  11. In a game with 3 deaths night one, I wasn't 100% sure that DPR was lying. I didn't believe him, true, but hesitated to hammer. In retrospect, that was a horrible move, but we all make mistakes. I can't protect the same person 2 nights in a row so this is what I did. N1 - self N2 - Crusher N3 - Smash
  12. Nice way to speed lynch. I'm the ******* doc!
  13. Exactly! It makes you look like a townie who didn't know DPR's role. I can see you doing that as scum.
  14. I have Nyn as pretty solid town. I like her case on AJ. I don't believe he missed the joke, either.
  15. I don't know where you get town from this. I definitely get a scum vibe from it.
  16. DPR's claim wasn't real. Hally spoilered the real results. He was a mafia goon.
  17. I see I ended up missing the lynch. I would have liked more time, but I can see Jif's pov, too.
  18. Whatever. I have one last comment before I am out the door. We have plenty of time and there is no reason to rush the lynch. That's my major reason for not hammering DPR. But Ape and those who follow him this game are going to believe otherwise, so I'm wasting my time here, aren't I?
  19. What I saw was a lot of joking around posts, a large bit arguing with DPR about the C++ (whatever it is) setup, and a few reads. Not a lot of content, and you do seem snarkier than I've ever seen you. And now, I'm off to another appointment. I'm getting irritated that whatever I do, some people see me as scummy. Trying to be fair to another player is not scummy. Time to walk away, anyway.
  20. I'm just trying to be fair to you. I won't vote you again without actual reasons, which I'm looking for right now.
  21. You're not THIS snarky. I'm certainly not the only one who thinks your scummy, and yes, I've let other people's opinions influence me. I'll ISO you and see what I see. Fair enough? Unvote for now
  22. I just felt that you were being snarky instead of dealing with the game. I don't personally have anything I want you to address, but people hide behind snarkiness. Ape, I said I didn't like either of them. There's time to change my mind and vote DPR, if that's what I decide to do. I'm not feeling comfortable hammering anyone today, because I've been so MIA, but that could change.
  23. Like I said, I like both trains. I'm going to put Leelou at L-1. (Mostly for the lulz to see what happens.) But also because I think I find her slightly scummier than DPR at the moment. She's had time to claim and hasn't. Vote Leelou
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