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  1. Yeah, I had Lily pegged as scum on like D2.
  2. FWIW, I wasn't lurking. I was busy.
  3. Anyway, goodnight morons. Vote: Verbal
  4. There isn't gonna be a counter cuz I'm the doc.
  5. Yeah, prob a good idea to let scum back into this one just to make it more interesting. I'm ok with taking one for the team here.
  6. How do you propose we address it? Either we lynch Leelou or we don't. There's no middle-ground here that I can see. Personally, I have bigger fish to fry than Leelou today.
  7. K. Things like voting Ballin for "information" and not really having the strongest opinions.
  8. You might have been more useful to this game when you were throwing a tantrum and almost getting yourself lynched.
  9. Kinda sucks that JiF isn't even playing when he's "clear."
  10. Lily, JVoR, Leelou, Hally Vote: Lily
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