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  1. Talk about a sacrifice that will warm your heart. A group of older Japanese folks are asking for permission to clean up the contaminated nuclear power station in Fukushima. More than 200 retirees are volunteering to take the place of young people who are exposing themselves to high levels of radiation. The group figures they have less than 20 years to live and will be dead before any radiation induced cancer develops. It's a different story for the young people who have battled in this war zone for three months and are at great risk for developing cancer as they grow older. All that is stopping these pensioners from donning their radiation suits is the Japanese government which unfortunately is dragging its bureaucratic feet. [bBC] http://gizmodo.com/5...nderstand-video We can't even get our senior citizens to allow medicare and SS to be reformed, even though they know it will bankrupt the country and destroy the future of our children.
  2. Look, my cellmates read this stuff, alright? I gotta act tough. Just play along.
  3. Bastard! I will never forgive you.
  4. The 60's--- The best music EVER!
  5. You just better hope I never get a twitter account. BITCH.
  6. The only thing missing is some melted butter. Lots and lots of melted butter. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... "Butter your bacon, boy..."
  7. Sounds like this fella could of used a few tips before he tried to rape a woman.
  8. I made it through the wilderness! Somehow I made it through ooh oooooooooh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQrM1htRDsQ&playnext=1&list=PL051B1E1D6CCB739E
  9. C'mon A's! Lay a beating down for me!
  10. Can the Mets win 3 in a row? Miracles happen!
  11. Somebody has to be the lightning rod for hate.
  12. It's not like I wasn't trying to get caught.
  13. Moss is pure trash. How anyone could want that a$$hole on their team is beyond me.
  14. I feel ya. I can't comment, though.
  15. If a tree falls down in the forest, and nobody hears it....
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, the voice of Jetnation...
  17. Yeah, I know you're trying to score brownie points, and I don't blame you. It's working.
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