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  1. There are major championships for most every professional soccer league. For examlpe, the MLS (in the USA) has a regular season champion based on points accumulated during the season. 0-loss, 1-draw and 3-win. There is usually a knock-out tournament as well to determine another championship. This goes for the other leagues around the world based in individual countries, like the Series A & B leagues in Italy.
  2. He's good for one more year,but then they'll need to draft a top class running back.They can't expect Greene to carry the whole load.
  3. I'm currently up to fighting the boss Maester Seymour and Anima and I found on a walkthrough that I have to get Yuna to cast four Null spells on all my characters to reduce the damage taken when Seymour casts his mult-magic spells. But when I checked through yuna's list of spells there's no Null spells there. Is there a cheat to get them quick?
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