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    halftime 1998 AFC championship. Minnesota had lost and we looked on our way.
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    vinny achilles
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  1. To be clear I'm not rooting for this, just predicting Rivera will get fired after that abomination of a game plan last night. That was the worst 2 minute drill I've ever seen. I also think they are covering up an injury to Cam. And if he gets fired, I could definitely see Woody going for him.
  2. I never kicked a XP but I am qualified to say kicking one should be easy for a professional kicker paid to do such things
  3. jgb

    Who do we NOT WANT back?

    Anyone carrying a play sheet or wearing headphones
  4. Would upgrade both Carolina and Jets lol. Would be a typical woody overreaction replace a stoic risk-adverse statue with a reckless gambler.
  5. And yet Jets somehow found a way to downgrade with Geno “Me was at movies” Smith.
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me if Aaron Rodgers pushed for a defensive head coach. Someone who stays out of the way and lets Arod do whatever he wants. It will be an epic disaster I predict now.
  7. I wonder if that’s mainly because neither GM wants the ignominy of having a guy/draft pick they traded away turning into a stud playing in their very own stadium opposite weeks. Seems dumb to not be willing to trade to an out-of-conference team. Both teams unnecessarily eliminating their potential trade partners to protect egos.
  8. If your house collapses, you don’t start rebuilding from the roof. If the QB is the foundation, the coach is the mortar of the foundation.
  9. No, I said he’s going to try. Meaning not play the youngsters in some forward-thinking move.
  10. Reason #999 why our “dead man walking” HC should report to “like it or not returning next year” GM. Bowles has every incentive to puff his CV by trying to win out. And Macc can’t do a thing about it.
  11. jgb

    “Weapons for Darnold”

    Darnold’s gonna have to wait his turn we are still searching for weaponz for Sanchez and Geno.
  12. Only reason we didn’t have honey badger this year is because he knocked up todd’s Step Daughter—there is zero chance bowles could control the badge with that leverage
  13. jgb

    Me thinks Eagles win SNF

    So... what's the trade market like for Wentz?
  14. jgb

    Me thinks Eagles win SNF

    Thought this was a discussion and not a vanity thread. I'll just leave this as tribute and move on:
  15. jgb

    Me thinks Eagles win SNF

    Be stunning if eagles won on the road I just don’t see it

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