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    halftime 1998 AFC championship. Minnesota had lost and we looked on our way.
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    vinny achilles
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  1. Exactly. Burn these imperfect beings at the stake! Jojo and I will rule over the ashes.
  2. But you can splatter Amari Cooper's brains all over the field in a clear defenseless receiver situation and nary a flag is thrown
  3. It’s funny because if the jets drafted any of these guys, odds are they’d stink here anyway
  4. jgb

    Amari Cooper

    For $50 and a pack of smokes, I'll put it out
  5. jgb

    Amari Cooper

    If there is a softer player in the NFL I haven’t seen him. Signed, Embittered Cooper Dynasty Owner
  6. jgb

    Solicitor phone calls home and cell phone.

    My favorite is when the same number pounds you for days, finally you give in and say fine i'll pick it up just to tell the dweeb to pound sand. So they call and you pick up and say "hello" and then-- --click, they disconnect. WTF is that about?
  7. Phil said no racy images what are you stupid?
  8. Thanks Phil. To my fellow animals: stop soiling the cage we all need to live here
  9. jgb

    Sam met Namath again

    Need to flush Bowles first
  10. He got away with it because he played exactly the same without it
  11. jgb

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    Yeah agree giants 2 percent chance for playoffs jets 0
  12. jgb

    The Giants are 1 and 5

    They still have better odds to make playoffs than us in their rubbish division
  13. Yep even when his precious defense is more to blame for the team stinking.
  14. Completely agree which is why you need to increase your odds by spending some first or second day picks on the position

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