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    halftime 1998 AFC championship. Minnesota had lost and we looked on our way.
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    vinny achilles
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  1. JN is an emotional pendulum that swings dramatically in the slightest breeze
  2. One win and now we are beating the patriots ok
  3. Haha about Juju. Weapinz need their QB a whole lot more than the QB needs his weapinz.
  4. “For god’s sakes man get up; you’re here for an eye exam.”
  5. 😂 I’m all for preaching realistic expectations and not getting ahead of ourselves but come on let us enjoy this for a couple days
  6. That’s a good point previous Jet regimes for last twenty years would’ve “trusted the D” to protect a one score lead for three quarters while crawling into a run hole. That said is there any Jets fan anywhere who did not know Cowboys were going to march down the field and score that final TD?
  7. Yup you know how JN works next good game Baker has, it’ll be a victory lap in the opposite direction for a week. Then back the other way. Etc ad infinitum.
  8. But not too early to praise him. Hm.
  9. B-b-b-but I thought no QB could play well with our weaponz? Good QBs make their own weaponz folks. If you find yourself ever blaming weaponz, you don't have a good QB.
  10. Good quarterbacks make their own weapons, not the other way around.
  11. Trading Bell would basically be engraving Darnold's tombstone.
  12. He would and should be HC of the Browns now but Dorsey didn't want someone with a personality as strong as Williams to challenge his complete control.
  13. Predictable. Fact is in bang bang plays real time officiating is the appropriate way to deal with it.

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