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    halftime 1998 AFC championship. Minnesota had lost and we looked on our way.
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    vinny achilles
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  1. Agree also to answer your question—because we draft terribly so we have to chase castoffs
  2. I’d love it but he will be a starter somewhere too many teams have bare cupboards
  3. It would be hard to select 5 worthy of protecting on this team i appreciate the exercise but no expansion team would take any of our 5 worst players
  4. jgb

    Jets Decline Brooks Option

    More money direct to woody’s pocket when we are $30M under the cap
  5. jgb

    Mike Pennel Released

    Money to so more dumpster diving and underspend cap by $30M+
  6. jgb

    Calvin Johnson

    It’s just a really bad argument.
  7. Can’t imagine easygoing Max being banned from anywhere
  8. jgb

    Calvin Johnson

    Pleasantly surprised no one has responded with “yeah but what did he win?”
  9. jgb

    Butt Fumble

    I can deal with the older spectrum of millennials. It’s the turd balls at the back of the line that are whackos
  10. jgb

    Butt Fumble

    I guess you have to be a millennial to get it since “likes” are basically currency to them. Butt fumbles are loljuice for anyone over 32.
  11. Only 40% of posters were openly rooting for your death. The other 60% believed you were transitioning and waiting for the incisions to heal to do a big reveal. You are loved.
  12. jgb

    Butt Fumble

    It is a mystery why everyone in “flyover” country believes Californians to be insufferable scolds.
  13. Never understood the “cliquish” complaint. What do people expect a trumpet fanfare whenever they arrive here for the first time? It takes time and effort to join a new community. It’s like complaining that all your neighbours seem to get along with each other better than with you when you just moved in on Saturday. “It’s too cliquish” sounds more like a justification to be a misanthrop not just in regards to jetnation but in all organisations or associations of human beings existing anywhere.

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