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  1. I’d like to see the jets play some entertaining, unpredictable ball. We are eliminated why not get creative.
  2. A close second place is close your eyes, repeat again and again that stats or production don’t matter and that Darnold is elite because you wish it oh so much.
  3. Maybe not but how would you suggest evaluating coaching candidates if not by their coaching resumé?
  4. I believe JD will at least dump the loser BAP philosophy and go for positions this team desperately needs.
  5. Pegged you as a salty over sweet guy. Hate dessert. Just give me another hamburger.
  6. This team rolled a 0 for luck. We need to be twice as good to get the same results as other teams. Does anyone think we are there yet?
  7. In 98 i was with my dad at the NC JETS FAN CLUB to see the AFCC. I was in college and still believed to some degree in magical thinking. They’re gonna win, I told everyone, they have to because this is my team. The old salts just shook their head and put a hand on my shoulder. Defeatist losers I thought. Now I am an old salt. The universe does not care who you root for. Winning a ring requires good players good coaching staff good front office. How would you objectively evaluate us in this three areas? Oh and also luck and even young fans should recognize we can’t rely on that.
  8. Ding ding ding. I know a really rich guy. He gets a speeding ticket every month. Doesn’t care. Calls it a “fast tax.” Should do what Switzerland does. The size of the fine is based on net worth. One Russian oligarch in a Ferrari got something like a $250,000 speeding ticket. My idea is take away cap space for a year or two. That hurts much more than a fine. Then when Pats try to sneak around that with shadiness, hit them for that too. They need cascading punishments. Punishing a pattern with small sanctions based on each individual cheat that is caught does nothing. The Pats have correctly realized the total value of their undetected cheats outweighs the cost of periodic punishments. It is a conspiracy at this point and should be punished as such.
  9. Can’t quit this team. But I can lower my expectations dramatically from my ribald youth. And I have. GO JETS FOREVER
  10. “We swear the telephoto zoom on the play sheets was accidental.”
  11. He is getting another year. Nothing we do or say can change that. I support him because I want the Jets to win. But the excuses have no place here. Let’s be real. Not much in Gase’s history suggests reasonable optimism. It’s an argument based on hope—which is fine but let’s call it what it is.
  12. Not saying fire the guy, only that excuses shouldn’t save him. And let’s look at his entire body of work, not just this year. Not a good look.
  13. Gase is a well-compensated professional. Results matter. They fired the CEO of Blockbuster because Netflix destroyed their business. They fired the CEO of Kodak because digital photography decimated the film business. Et cetera. Like shareholders, fans should want results. Even good excuses don’t mean a thing.

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