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  1. Are the Jets ready for a FQB or should we just make the team awesome first then dial 1-800-FQB-TIME?
  2. I stand by the legal principle 100%. This is what I've been saying. The NFL has such a disparate power advantage and they have used money and influence to get exceptions to Anti Trust and Employment law and thus they are the bad guys and players should pull every lever they can without remorse to get what they believe is in their best interest. People trying to turn this into a moral issue and make Watson out to be the bad guy are cheering for the movie villain. But yes, due to this absurd power advantage and sweetheart legal exceptions, the NFL can destroy you. It's completely wrong
  3. My friend, I invited you to further discuss in PMs to forestall further injury to the reputation of our chosen profession, but you respond to my posts to others to continue the debate. Didn't want to get into this but so be it. You must have a different legal specialization -- I get it, when I first started practicing, my jackass friends always asked for advice on their bar fights and speeding tickets even though I've never once practiced criminal law. How courts interpret restraints on labor mobility is Employment Law 101: All first-year law students learn the rule that “[a] promise to r
  4. It's not a moral failing to complain about your employer/current working conditions. Some would say it takes courage. Especially with so many who hold the ridiculous attitude that you either live and die by a contract or you go flip burgers somewhere. Hey, you got options!
  5. Lol exactly. If self-soothing set expectations low to avoid later disappointment.
  6. Ya, that was funny. He was reacting to Plaxicco's prediction that the score would be 23-17. Brady was like "17 points? Lulz, ok." Final score 21-17 ha ha on you Tommy.
  7. An illusory choice is not a choice. To spare our fellow posters from this scintillating Constitutional debate, feel free to PM me if you wish to continue it.
  8. My objectivity self-test: if the Fins did the same move the Jets just did, would I be laughing or worried?
  9. People search for simple explanations to complex failures. This is why we always hear "if one or two plays had only been different"... while all the plays before and after are relegated to being pre-ordained.
  10. Not a knock on you but what do you think the odds are that the Jets, after searching for a FQB for 50 years, are going to land 2 at the same time?
  11. If QBs awoke like Rip Van Winkle and found themselves at opening kickoff of the Super Bowl, this argument might be more persuasive. But you do have to get there, you know.
  12. A friend asked me to review his CV once to apply for a job in Finance. He still had his first summer job on there -- waiting tables or something -- I told him to drop it. The Johnsons probably still have "came out of the right wiener" on their CVs.
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