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  1. Bath Fitter BUYER BEWARE

    i'd take a teamfitter for the jets
  2. Lee on being suspended last week.

    "If we pay you less than $15 million you get suspended for being late once"
  3. Unfortunately only redeemable when the Jets make the Superbowl. Hopefully their great-grandchildren can enjoy.
  4. GM job is to find the QB. Sashi passed on Wentz and Watson in consecutive drafts. That's a death sentence.
  5. Analytics In Football

    Football with only 16 games will never achieve the sample sizes for analytics to take over
  6. How many playoff games has Geno won? How many playoff games has Geno played in? Oh but wait he was used as a power play pawn for a coach and GM on death row on a 2 win team--and then they were fired. Nevermind, that's what's important.
  7. The second shooter on the grassy knoll was spotted fleeing the scene in an UFO piloted by Elvis
  8. I'll buy the whole "delegation" bit when I see someone else holding the tongs.
  9. Don't worry Herm already has his playbook ready for next year
  10. So now what's the narrative since "tanking" cost the tankers (mcadoo/reese) their jobs in less than a week? And the first thing the owners did was re-install Eli as the starter.
  11. As long as he promises to puff, puff, pass and not bogart.
  12. Patriots' and Bills' team planes collide mid-flight?
  13. Nothing rips a locker room apart faster than double standards. Just look what happened under Rex when the defensive players were treated like gods and the offensive like pad carriers.
  14. I'd say Mark is limited. That is admittedly a wide classification as all but the very top and very bottom starters in the league fit in there. But Geno is plainly in the bottom category. I just don't think Geno has the intellectual horsepower to run an NFL offense competently over significant sample sizes. My opinion is reinforced by poor performance, plus: attempting to run from the draft after getting passed over, blaming/firing his agents for his draft fall (when they saved his bacon by convincing him to remain for day 2, otherwise he would've fallen even further), his infamous failure to deal with the IK situation as a leader should (and lacking the basic intelligence to understand that mass is positively correlated to force), and now this week's cro-magnon-style and low-impulse-control retaliation after getting one faint whiff of Rex's ass several years after their last interaction. If I had to choose a QB between the two, first I'd vomit, and then I'd choose Mark and never look back. I would make this decision confidently despite Geno's indisputably superior physical tools and relative youth.