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  1. Mitch Trubisky starts 2+ games for the Bills this year. Signed by Steelers in off season. Sam Darnold “improves” to 25th ranked QBR. Receives zero CBPOTY votes. His defenders are outraged.
  2. Bibliophile. Cinephile. Audiophile. The fact that you make such an association says a lot more about you than her.
  3. I prefer positive to negative surprises. In theory at least. Been awhile since that’s happened.
  4. It’s very ironic that when you’re active you are the most visible poster here but when you go on a mental health break, I forget about you entirely lol. I like you don’t get me wrong and you’re fun to jaw with just stating an opinion that I thought was amusing. Hope you don’t get suspended anymore
  5. So you’re saying Lawson wasn’t surrounded by enough weapons in Cincy?
  6. You are going to be disappointed
  7. 60.4%, 3497, 20TDs, 15 INTs Since Jay Cutler is my comp for Wilson I used Cutler’s second year numbers (his first season as full time starter) subtracted 5% (except INTs) to account for the extra year and then adjusted for a 17 games schedule. Couple other small adjustments but that’s it simplified.
  8. Minshew better like cold weather
  9. What the Dick Butkus is going on in this thread
  10. Denzel Mims will be a guy everyone will wish they picked up off the waiver wire in fantasy this year.
  11. Can only speak for myself but I’m not concerned. I just don’t want a guy like Foles, CJ Brethard, Flacco, McCown, Vick, Brunell who we know isn’t the future. I’d rather roll with Morgan and see if we have something there. If JD did make a move (likely because he assesses Morgan as not the guy/not ready) I’d prefer someone young and with at least hypothetical upside (like Trubisky or Minshew). This team isn’t contending so a steady-hand JAG vet doesn’t make sense. At least get someone with an tiny chance to provide Wilson bust insurance or become trade bait. Peter King wrote recently that
  12. Mark Sanchez made $66M arguably a greater pay-to-contribution ratio than Bradford. But it is insane how much draft capital changed hands over the years for Bradford.
  13. I think it's funny that some fans believe both that: (1) Morgan was a wasted pick; and (2) Sam Darnold is actually secretly good.
  14. Definitely not a wasted pick even if he never does anything. Gotta take those shots.
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