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  1. Suicide watch on OP come December
  2. The number one qualification Bowles looked for in his staff were “guys that no one on earth would think for a moment could possibly replace me.” Given that Bowles was eminently replaceable, this left us with a pool of “candidates” that couldn’t and haven’t found work since. And the one dude who actually showed something and did his job well was canned by Bowles. Not a coincidence.
  3. Lots of us said he should trade everything every year to get in top 6 of draft. That would fix his terrible drafting from mid-1st all the way through the 7th rounds. Unfortunately, it would only work if he was a master of FA. But he sucked there also. He would’ve been exposed in any case.
  4. I know her. You dodged a bullet
  5. Nowhere to go but up he’s gonna get a year so let’s see what happens
  6. When we actually have something else to talk about—W’s and L’s—we will.
  7. Joe’s lifestyle today in the age of Twitter would make Johnny Manziel look like Joe Flacco by comparison.
  8. He was almost kicked out of the league for the company he kept and for owning a notorious den of ill repute And I love joe Willie of course just pointing out that a qb doesn’t need to be a Boy Scout. I actually prefer an edge on the guy. A great passage from money ball comparing Billy Beane to Lenny Dykstra: Physically, Lenny didn’t belong in the same league with him. He was half Billy’s size and had a fraction of Billy’s promise – which is why the Mets hadn’t drafted him until the 13th round. Mentally, Lenny was superior, which was odd, considering Lenny wasn’t what you’d call a student of the game. Billy remembers sitting with Lenny in a Mets dugout watching the opposing pitcher warm up. ‘Lenny says, “So who’s that big dumb *** out there on the hill?” And I say, “Lenny, you’re kidding me, right? That’s Steve Carlton. He’s maybe the greatest left-hander in the history of the game.” Lenny says, “Oh, yeah! I knew that!” He sits there for a minute and says, “So, what’s he got?” and I say, “Lenny, come on. Steve Carlton. He’s got heat and also maybe the nastiest slider ever.” And Lenny sits there for a while longer as if he’s taking that in. Finally, he just says, “S***, I’ll stick him.” I’m sitting here thinking, that’s a magazine cover out there on the hill and all Lenny can think is that he’ll stick him. The point about Lenny, at least to Billy, was clear: Lenny didn’t let his mind screw him up. The physical gifts required to play pro ball were, in some ways, less extraordinary than the mental ones. Only a psychological freak could approach a 100-mph fastball aimed not all that far from his head with total confidence. “Lenny was so perfectly designed, emotionally, to play the game of baseball,” said Billy. “He was able to instantly forget any failure and draw strength from every success. He had no concept of failure. And he had no idea where he was. And I was the opposite.”
  9. So let me understand. When the media didn’t like Chris’ moves, they criticized him. When he made a move they liked, they praise him. Why are we angry, exactly?
  10. Jets player: learning lesson Player for any other team: irredeemable thug turd who will explode the locker room by trying to light his own alcoholic farts
  11. Not responding to the specific behavior of mayfield rather to the conclusion of many that they want a qb to just “shut up, be boring, and play.” which is fine but let’s not forget joe willie was as polarizing as any player today.
  12. So we found a fan base more prone to stultifying mood swings than us
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