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    halftime 1998 AFC championship. Minnesota had lost and we looked on our way.
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    vinny achilles
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  1. Amazing pun. Intentional? Your response will determine whether you get a trophy reaction or butt fumble from me.
  2. Smith cites Jets history to upbraid Jets fans for showing optimism? A true student of Jets history recognises that Jets players don’t need any help to self-jinx.
  3. jgb

    Hard Knocks episode 2.

    HK always fascinating to me. Too often I catch myself viewing these guys as robots or worse just stats for fantasy Football. Interesting to see the human angle and realise most of these guys are basically children.
  4. Macc would be wise to study up on Jets history—OL neglect played a major role in both Herm and Rex regimes going from early success to mass firings.
  5. We need to recruit from the comment section these guys make @T0mShane sound like Andrew Dice Clay.
  6. Seems we have had “quarterback competitions” with varying degrees of legitimacy for like 9 of the last 10 consecutive off-seasons. What a relief that unlike all the others, this one doesn’t resemble the Puppy Bowl.
  7. If a starting QB goes down, the team will call. Everyone will already recognize they are desperate. I guess what I am saying is that gamesmanship in such matters is overrated. There are only 32 teams and everyone knows everyone else's situation. Edit: sorry, misread your reply. Thought you said other teams won't call the Jets. I still think the 2nd paragraph applies even to the Jets calling potential suitors. Bridgewater being available isn't even a poorly-kept secret: it's common knowledge. But it's more likely the other team comes calling so we agree there.
  8. I see where you’re going but teams know if Teddy is on the block he isn’t the starter. Good idea though
  9. jgb

    Hackenberg signed by eagles

    Time for everyone in South Philly to buy windshield insurance
  10. Definitely could be wrong about him. This class has a chance to be something special
  11. Just happy I’m not forced to root for Rosen
  12. Agree I also had a really smooth BM last night... no wipes
  13. Jets fans are known for their cold, logical analysis of small datasets
  14. I share your optimism, however if you are able to "KNOW" that Sam will "show these doubters wrong" after one pre-season game, that would make you the greatest evaluator of talent in NFL and professional sports history. The ceiling is high, kid looked like he belonged last night, let the doubters doubt, what's it matter? It certainly isn't ridiculous to believe or worry that there is a chance Darnold will bust.