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  1. Not to mention it would probably help if our backup QB had more than 5 days of practice with the team before playing in a game.
  2. I wouldn’t stop laughing for a week if Flacco puts in retirement papers. Would serve JD right.
  3. I love my house but I still have insurance
  4. Lol. If a guy can’t fight off Minshew in the locker room, how the hell can you put him up against Bill Belichick and the NY media? The modern focus on building up self-esteem without achievement is not only hollow but young people know the difference. It makes no one feel better.
  5. The Joe Flacco of today is not the guy from when JD was in Baltimore.
  6. This was a coward’s move both in timing and in personnel. JD hit the snooze button all off season as teams acquired youngish, established QBs for peanuts only to trade for Flacco and pay him more than Trubisky and Minshew combined — two guys he could’ve had for a song with this tiniest dollop of foresight who would now be sitting on months of practice experience. Just an absolute inexcusable whiff on his part. It’s like he believed if he acted like Wilson was going to be so great no real backup was needed he could magically will it into being.
  7. Let’s face it: JD brought in Flacco to quell the mob while preventing any possibility of a QB controversy. This was a coward’s move. Plain and simple.
  8. If you liked the last time Flacco was brought in precisely because he was a defensible backup QB on paper who wouldn’t outperform our young, highly-drafted QB, you’ve got a treat in store.
  9. Saleh should be yelling at JD for fouling up his big chance to be a HC.
  10. What a gutless move. Couldn’t bring in someone with at least hypothetical upside out of fear of hurting Wilson’s psyche. Minshew cost a 6th as well. Either he was the steal of the century or Flacco was a ripoff. Biggest white flag moment I’ve seen from this team in awhile. No heart.
  11. Yeah I get the heat whenever I make a call. Crickets when it’s proven right. Just wanted to see how it felt.
  12. I did. Put him on a grill and watch him wiggle. I’ll bring the 6 pack you bring the popcorn.
  13. Jets suck because of conspiracies. Everyone knows that. We are obviously 1-2 bad calls a game away from a Lombardi.
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