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  1. Well, when Gase is the quality control coach for the Jags next season he can put in a word for Darnold down there.
  2. I like both of them but Joe has no chance here. I'm sorry, Joe.
  3. Tough talk but the NFL (and pro sports leagues in general) are already skirting the grey zone of labor practices/anti-trust laws. Imagine you graduate and get "drafted" to work at Harvey's House of Computers in Topeka when you really want to work at Google in Cali--and the interest is mutual. Then, if you you refuse to report to Harvey's, no one else in the computing industry would hire you and make you wait to see who "selects you" the following year. NFL does need to provide some pathway to earn a living even if you absolutely refuse to play for who drafts you. Making you sit a year, would already been completely illegal in any other context. What else can they do? Get together with the other GMs and agree to blackball a player who refuses to "go where we done told to go?" I'd love to know how much the NFL paid Kaepernick to drop his lawsuit. That was never about Kaepernick. The NFL was petrified to have a court ruling against coordination/collusion between the 32 individually-owned franchises in the NFL regarding a player who they just didn't like as a person.
  4. That which points you don't like "repeated" are based on biases and thus not worthy of compliance.
  5. I'll tell you what, if you can round up all the Darnold excuses makers and get them to agree to stop pounding that anvil, I'll give up on this one. Let me know how that goes.
  6. Yeah, I am sure we here at JN will take a very measured approach if JD calls the bluff of a kid who doesn't want to play here and gets nothing for the first 1st overall we've had in 25 years.
  7. Chris Johnson can't change the brand of toilet paper in MetLife without a signed permission slip from London. Woody wants to be the hero to ride back into town and put a bullet in Mad Dog Gase.
  8. The point is not whether he would hold out or not. Almost no GMs risk it and call that bluff. If Lawrence tries to pull an Eli (unlikely) and JD calls that bluff and wipes out, he'll never work in the league again.
  9. Scott -- we're not even disagreeing. Not sure why you're trying to create a debate. We agree, dude.
  10. @SAR I we need a ruling. Does McCarthy get a pass now?
  11. Oh it matters... for slot receivers and running backs
  12. Worse. Macc traded that haul for whoever fell to us. Rosen was the most likely outcome.

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