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  1. Oh yeah we'll I'd pass on the first five rounds and just draft Brady in the 6th and insta-dynasty. #AdventuresInHindsight
  2. Mark great player, totally underrated. Unfairly dinged for one boneheaded play at worst moment possible. Jets would be lucky to have a player of that calibre again. Even when we have it good, we don't realize it.
  3. He will play the most atrocious, neck-shaving with a dull blade, boring arse brand of football here on out. The only thing he cares about now is keeping Points Against relatively acceptable in order to prep his CV for his next DC job. It's gonna be boring. It's gonna be ugly.
  4. jgb

    Fantasy killing fanbases?

    thank God for fantasy--football is finally relevant after October for Jets fans
  5. I'd imagine a video of Bowles during that game would look like a 3 hour time-lapse documentary of a flower opening
  6. Bowles deserves it from all angles, side and sizes. He is flat out the worst NFL HC after the dumping of Hue Jackson. If Revis has came out immediately after the game, people would whine about him not being a team player. Question his motives if you want but fact is if you have to pick a side--one of all-time greatest Jets and one of the very few that will go into the HOF as a NY JET or Todd Suckin' Bowles... well, it's hard to imagine it's much of a choice.
  7. If I was the lucky sperm brothers I'd insist that Macc trade every pick every year to move into top 6... guy is terrible outside the top of the first.
  8. jgb


    After the game... Q: Why do you think your team was so flat? Todd Blowes: Well, we didn't have any film of Alabama playing in an NFL game so we couldn't prepare for them.
  9. jgb


    Bowles is a horrific coach—probably bottom 1% of all time—get a real coach and watch how suddenly this roster no longer lacks “talent.”
  10. Jets already traded the franchise QB on roster to saints
  11. jgb

    Fantasy killing fanbases?

    Heya neighbour
  12. You had me until retain Bowles as DC. Org needs clean break not a guy skulking around having been demoted ala Bradway. It would be a historically bad management move. Which is why I'm afraid the Jets may do it (again).
  13. Assume he means start fighting, not keep fighting.
  14. jgb

    Did the NFL just jump the shark?

    I can understand why Jets fans wouldn't recognize the sport being played on MNF this week
  15. jgb

    Bell’s expecting price revealed

    I wonder if Le’veon Bell will be more like Tatum Bell behind our trash line
  16. If I wanted to watch a slaughter I’d check out one of those undercover PETA videos on YouTube
  17. Hard to know if Macc stinks or if the bag has just absorbed the smell from the manure of a HC the organization has been carrying for 3 years.
  18. Todd Blowes is a defensive HC with a trash defense. Shoe in for the three hole.
  19. Sad thread and good lesson to jets fans yes can always get worse if we have Tanny and rexy still we could be much better off. Tammy crucified for doing what GMs must in this league—spot a window and go all in. Darn near made it too.
  20. jgb

    Foley Fatukasi

    Desperate for the defense to at least appear respectable statistically for his next DC job
  21. I’m shocked we aren’t already in a shooting war with UK given who our ambassador is
  22. BAP is like communism only works on paper assuming flawless execution
  23. Doors I agree but would go with Show Me The Way to the Next Whisky Bar!
  24. jgb

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Or in Baker Mayfield’s case, two last names
  25. jgb

    Joe Thomas: Darnold is a Bust

    Haha you’re on fire lately

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