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  1. When the product on the field is drek, you get 61 pages on uniforms
  2. Rex is a defensive genius. Flawed HC? Definitely. Flawed human being? We all are. No need to exaggerate his flaws to make a point we all agree with.
  3. jgb

    Shoring up the OL

    Not first hand so I defer to you, the expert.
  4. Hope he does it would mean no pats More hopefully, chiefs win and it’s moot would love to root for AFC in SB for once
  5. jgb

    Shoring up the OL

    He would be an upgrade but @Jetsfan80 is onto something that Pats OL benefit from an inordinate amount of non-called holds. Plus Pats dink and dunk offense (ahem, “precision passing game”) doesn’t require the line to hold blocks as long. Non sequitar: jets line definitely sucks but Bell would take massive pressure off of them. Wrong. You can inject supplemental testosterone. If you had the drive but no drive shaft, you’d explode eventually.
  6. jgb

    Shoring up the OL

    Why does every freaking thread turn into a Bowles thread??
  7. Shows that Gase is at least confident in himself enough to bring in someone on staff who can be seen as his replacement if things go badly. He’s already better than Bowles who avoided bringing on anyone who could conceivably be seen as a potential successor and when one inexplicably emerged despite his strategy to hire only mooks... he canned him for “throwing too much” and replaced him with a hippie fresh off “finding himself” on the Appalachian Trail.
  8. When you know you’re bad at your job the last thing you want to do is hire hyper-competent subordinates who confirm that fact for the whole world to see. Todd didn’t want anyone breathing down his neck so he hired mooks. Sadly the strategy did help him avoid a mid-season firing. Johnsons got played and Macc couldn’t do squat because of Jets insane power structure that encourages back-biting and blame-shifting over cooperation.
  9. jgb

    Goodbye 3-4

    I want a DC who zigs when anyone zags. Go with whichever scheme is run by the least amount of teams and implement that. Should be easier to find talent for disfavored schemes than to compete with every other team running the most popular scheme.
  10. True but at least Rex fielded an elite D. Bowles was all of the Rex negatives with none of the Rex positives.
  11. Oh man you’d be such a pushover as a boss lol
  12. Exactly. Some people (many) will always run along path of least resistance/bare minimum. You can’t just fire everyone, have to change habits.
  13. Incredible how the day it was leaked Gase was hired, bodies were falling from windows here. One day later: sunshine and lollipops. Jets fans are an odd bunch.
  14. jgb

    Growth of Darnold from USC to NYJ.

    Maybe read beyond the first sentence?
  15. Remember when Macc missed out on kamara because he didn’t want to part with the 6th round pick or whatever to trade up?
  16. Hard to evaluate anyone in Bowles’ last year. Bad all around. Agree we should see if Williams bounces back.
  17. jgb

    Defillipo... Jags New OC

    Unreal how jets fans poop on dudes who were fired while suddenly on gase’s jock. Teams make mistakes especially when there is a power struggle
  18. Randy moss quit on the raiders. Carson palmer quit on the raiders. Brandon Marshall quit on the broncos. Santonio Holmes quit on the Steelers. not arguing AB isn’t a turd—he might well be—but the Jets shouldn’t be in the business of writing off ANYONE WHO COULD HELP THIS TEAM. Our talent is putrid. Multiple free agents rejected MORE money from us to play for other teams last year. Chances need to be taken. Let’s face it —mercenaries are our target market. Feel pretty good if those chances are on all-world players. Not a bad risk/reward
  19. Meet hair. Split it. elite players have elite attitudes. But hey let’s stick with bums 🙄
  20. Maybe but jets are dumb if they start eliminating elite players based on social media posts. Hell we keep Jamal. Oh way he’s already a jet so all cool. All cool. 🙄
  21. jgb

    Jets should talk to Mangini

    You sir have an outstanding avatar. Also, I love this thread. Go JN.
  22. You may be the first ever Jet fan to state on the record you don't think Tom is a diva.

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