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  1. Jets fans can’t even agree on whether they like Revis. No chance of ever getting a consensus on Williams.
  2. No true Scotsman agrees with you
  3. Yes and also the medical treatment he would’ve gotten today after his college injury would have him at basically 100% pre injury form
  4. jgb

    Mike McCagnan 3rd worst GM in NFL?

    Dorsey has exactly what Macc doesn't: supreme confidence in his abilities and therefore gives no f's what the pundits, analysts or media says.
  5. One of the giants. League’s first one-man offensive line.
  6. Milquetoast Todd Bowles could not have possibly been able to handle a guy who knocked up his daughter in the locker room.
  7. The only fights I’ve ever been in are in pickup games. Tensions run hot
  8. jgb


    I wonder if other teams’ fans enjoy tearing down their own heroes. Namath, Revis and Martin are all very polarising subjects here. It’s weird. Mothers don’t let you sons grow up to be Jets players. They could make the HOF and yet the fans still won’t be happy.
  9. jgb

    Rosen's Value Dropping

    I do not like Rosen one bit and believe he will bust badly but yes a 2nd round pick for him is a gamble any team without a QB has to take. That said... Giants are pretty old school and might not see him as a “culture fit.” By its very definition, one occurrence is always an aberration.
  10. Please host a “Ask Me Anything” thread
  11. jgb

    Stick and Pick

    Agree. The armchair GMs are always too clever by half. The draft is hard. I don’t trust Macc outside top of the first round
  12. jgb

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    All good man. Stay optimistic. We need more than just jaded sour ass Jets fans like me!
  13. jgb

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    Not everyone. Some of us think that the team is still not good.
  14. jgb

    Jets Game By Game Predictions

    Wouldn’t want to be your Wife come December
  15. Enjoy it. Jets fans have patience in spades.
  16. @SouthernJet what say you?
  17. jgb

    Live vs TV

    The latter. I revel in schadenfreude.
  18. jgb

    Live vs TV

    Prefer at home most of the time but wish I lived close enough to go to a few times a year. Nothing beats the JN tailgate!
  19. We are Jets fans. We know what will happen. Brady will retire. Darnold and the Jets will begin that season 6-0 and looking like a team of destiny. And then.... NFL lockout/strike. Season over.
  20. Rumor is he is still somewhere watching tape, waiting to comment until he is finished
  21. Nobody throws dirt on former players like Jets fans. No chance for fitz to ever get any love from the masses. A huge minority of Jets fans hate Revis—maybe our best ever player—for “conduct unbecoming.” What a mystery that Jets have to pay a “Jets premium” to get FAs here.
  22. Too much. Who cares. Don’t want to see this.
  23. Really... prosecuting rub and tugs? No thanks.
  24. Can’t wait for Jets fan complaints if Darnold plays well that now we will have to pay him

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