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  1. I’m sure that would play well for JD if he walks away with nothing for first overall pick in draft. Easy to say now but pitchforks would be out and we all know it.
  2. This is like a dude admitting he killed his wife to avoid the death penalty when there's video proof, DNA, fingerprints and 8 witnesses. This is survival mode for Gase. No credit.
  3. FQB's make their own weaponz, not the other way around. You apparently haven't seen some of the hot takes on here. This is the land of knee-jerks and purity tests.
  4. Funny how the three QBs who manipulated their landing spots in the draft have each won two rings...
  5. The Ghost of Joe Flacco is outperforming Sam Darnold. Sam's toast and will likely never be good. Beginning of the year, I was still clinging to my pre-draft pie-in-the-sky upside to be Tony Romo. Now, it would be a miracle for him to become Andy Dalton. I stick to my initial most likely scenario comp of Mark Sanchez, although starting to think that's an insult to Mark. Amazing what a decent QB can do for all facets of the offense -- weaponz and line alike. Alex Lewis -- correct sentiment, terrible timing. Gotta shoot your way outta town before the trade deadline, my guy. All while a substantial number of us refuse to put any of it on Darnold.
  6. Hatred of Brady It's incredible seeing how dumb ideas take root If he were willing to be a DC, he would be working as a DC. If you need a team to win one game they have no business winning with no concern for the organizational damage or repercussions, Rex might be your guy. He's like jacking up a racing horse with an unholy amount of PEDs before a big race. Will help it run faster, will also explode its heart.
  7. You mean like Albert Einstein? "God does not play dice with the universe."
  8. Uh, every GM believes in building through the draft. If the Jets are ever close to being in contention, you'll see JD amp up the big-money FA signings.
  9. Incredible that the fans of the least talented team in the league have the most stringent purity tests for players
  10. Wanted Darnold to be good so badly. Whiff. Thought Dalvin Cook wasn't athletic enough to be an elite RB.
  11. If Gase stays he’d probably at least bluff. But Gase is gone. Get Roman or Harbaugh and he will come. Maybe he should’ve dodged. His career now in jeopardy...
  12. It’s zero. Johnsons don’t give a crap about any of us but they are sensitive to media pressure and it will be a category 11 sheet storm if they bring Gase back.
  13. Darnold's market value is tied to Gase's reputation as a talent destroyer and not based on any actual performance on the field. GMs/HCs think they can salvage highly-drafted players who morons ruined. Let's hope!
  14. I wonder if JN is more high on Quinnen or Mims at this point. I think Mims would be Chris Godwin with a legit QB.
  15. You are an (adjective) (noun). Go (verb) yourself.
  16. Fill in the blank with most suitable response
  17. Hilarious. We should withhold the uniform colors we are playing to wear also for that competitive advantage goodness
  18. You can only hear what he’s saying with his third mouth when he’s doing a headstand.
  19. I remember he was a dbag to a practice squad player who picked him off a couple times in training camp. Maybe that’s part of it. But to your point, there was a lot more cause for optimism for Tannehill before he went to TENN than there reasonably could be for Darnold at his next stop.
  20. Plenty of fans also think a player wanting to get a pay raise is Mussolini in cleats. Meanwhile how many of us would leave our jobs if a competitor offered an extra $10-20k?
  21. Remember when we were assured JD would get a 1st rounder for Darnold?

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