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  1. Oh come on. Any glimmer of a reason for optimism sends Greenberg swerving right back in the opposite direction. In 2016, he predicted the Jets to go 14-2 coming off the heels of Ryan Fitzpatrick szn. He was trolled unmercifully for being a homer -- even his wife famously trolled him. If the Jets give a cogent reason for optimism, every Jets fan currently dismissed as "hater trolls" will throw the face paint right back on. Including me.
  2. Just textbook kill the messenger. The point is we're all frustrated as hell. I prefer to direct it at the ones whose terrible performance has brought us where we are today. But some people will always deflect to enable them to feel the warm -- but illusory -- comfort of tribalism ("us versus them").
  3. We should’ve been Darnold’s biggest payout but Matt Rhule committed a top 10 worst unforced error in NFL history by picking up Darnold’s 5th year option.
  4. There are two types of Jets fans: (1) those that take their frustration out on the team; and (2) those that take their frustration out on those fans who take out their frustration on the team. Greenie is type 1… I leave it to each of you to slot yourselves in.
  5. He said it while being interviewed in Jeffrey Lurie's box when the Giants were visiting. Lurie should've had him tossed lol.
  6. Gotcha. Well, they certainly made a huge upgrade at the most important position in sport!
  7. Biden claimed to like both the Eagles and the Giants, which is even more absurd.
  8. Better than last year? He better hope so, otherwise he'll be on the Darnold track. Or do you mean better than rookie year?
  9. I don't know if I've ever seen a player used as heavily as CAR used him last season before his leg blew out.
  10. Ok but I still question what Baker has to do with anything since he did play on the best running team in the league. Expecting him to be a different guy because of McCaffery doesn't feel right to me.
  11. That's the tricky thing about predictions, you have to make them in advance. @Hackenberg - Banned
  12. My point is Baker has played with the benefit of the best RB play in the league so I don't think the bullish case on him is "now he has a running game," instead it's "he was injured last year and he's more like who he was as a rookie when he appeared on his way for roughly middle-of-the-league QB play."
  13. It's arguable whether McCaffery is a material upgrade over Chubb + Hunt.
  14. Even Sam Darnold knows it's over at this point. Take the L and move on.
  15. Famous Jets fans -- especially those who are also sport commentators, have their credibility and livelihood to protect. What should they be saying about the team? I'll also add that Peter King is almost universally hated on here for being effusive in his support for the Pats -- who actually win stuff. This is just more shooting the messenger IMHO.
  16. I've said Geno > Darnold, which hurts to say because I think Geno is a schmuck but all in the service of truth.
  17. Where are you getting the $10mm from? No backup has a $10M/year contract except situations where a starter has -- or is in the process of losing -- their starting job like Sam Darnold and Jimmy Garrapolo. A semi-exception is Teddy Bridgwater's contract is worth up to $10M in 2022 with a ton of performance incentives. It's $6.5M guaranteed.
  18. Not exactly putting the Ravens between a rock and a hard place but sure keep them guessing. Lol one of the slowest passers in the league in snap-to-throw is because he processes “too fast.” That’s going on the QB excuse bingo mat.
  19. With Brady gobbling up half the rings this millenium, plenty of great QBs haven’t won a ring. Not enough to go around.
  20. Don’t even care about wins anymore I’d like an off season where the fan base isn’t in a 6 month knife fight over the QB.
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