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  1. Hitting the sauce on a school night? 

  2. How's everyone enjoying the beautiful day?

  3. hurts so bad to be right

  4. geno can't start again. almost doesn't matter who replacement is. in order to maintain any credibility of "competition" or accountability he has to sit immediately.

  5. Dont worry jets fans ifharvin stinks woody can sent the jet to haiti to pick up nelson snd pay him 500k next year

  6. Rex should be canned for zero consequences for Geno missing the meeting the night before a game. Disgraceful.

    1. jorge o8

      jorge o8

      after what Davis said, the Rex era will come to an end soon

  7. Prediction: jets give vick 50 percent of snaps with first team this week

  8. sick of people saying "decker isn't a #1 because he is not an elite, game-changer" -- those are two different things. Decker is a top 32 outside WR in the league making him a #1 caliber WR in the NFL.

  9. it's only the internetz

  10. no thank you for all those trips to old country buffett

  11. jgb

    i have the attention span of a 2 year old so i forget but i like your style!

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