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  1. He has sneaked from many a mature gentlewoman's boudoir
  2. I got a wish. A QB with a passer rating over 80
  3. My favorite fallacy is the "no true Scotsman" fallacy.
  4. 90% of football fans lament the "pinball scoring" era and yearn from the golden era of defensive football. And 90% of them call low scoring games "unwatchable."
  5. Saleh cares way too much about "preserving the QB's confidence." Won't happen.
  6. What percentage run backwards 40 yards before throwing it away
  7. He's lucky he didn't take a 40 yard sack there. What is wrong with this guy?
  8. Well, the good news is that with that sack, Carl Lawson's guaranteed money has been further amortized to $12M per.
  9. He's going to get the season -- what else can be done -- but we are in the "miracle turnaround" territory at this point. No way that JD wastes the feisty and talented squad he has assembled on year 3 for QB unless he does a complete 180.
  10. I should hope that anyone paid 650 grand or more a year to throw a football can do it well when there is no pressure
  11. Wish we could just fast forward to the "he's not on the team anymore, stop beating a dead horse" part of the QB cycle.
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