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  1. Most fans are proud members of the cult of arm strength. If that was the most important success factor of QBs, it sure would be easy to scout them.
  2. With such a low volume passing game it really doesn't matter TBH
  3. Vomit icon was a necessary addition
  4. Rodgers has always been a butthole but when he was playing at an elite level, the team just accepted it as the cost of doing business.
  5. Lots of things “could be.” Hard to imagine an experienced agent thought this was a good move, however. I’m going (as always) with what is more likely. Outburst.
  6. Elijah's demand smelled more like an emotional outburst than a carefully-calculated leverage strategy.
  7. If we cut some threads we can roll over bandwidth to next month
  8. If Becton wanted to avoid pre-game orgasms, he’d have to cut out waffles and biscuits.
  9. You clearly just don’t understand how positive fandom works
  10. So it's not a conspiracy it's just that we sucked before
  11. jgb

    Mims poll

    If Mims as the WR 4 catches 40 yards, that means BYU likely throws for over 250. Not seeing it.
  12. I'd also be fine with playing him as an in-line blocker all game
  13. The term is synonymous with "journalist"
  14. Very interesting. Shows how beaten down this team is that a 3 game winning streak brings out championship-level egos
  15. Thanks for the explanation. Hadn't heard that.
  16. Is it considered bad form to let your helmet touch the ground? Good on AVT for demonstrating leadership despite being a pup himself.
  17. Can't always judge what is in a man's heart but he should at least be required to address the team and go through the motions of an apology before he can take the field again.
  18. All eyes on Saleh. With his PVO approach, resolving these types of player issues should be in his wheelhouse.
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