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  1. At least you have lawyers to look down on
  2. No worries I don’t view it as an argument. I guess my point is if parity is the primary goal (again, I argue it’s a secondary goal to keeping player salaries controlled) I think there’s a more effective way to do it. At a minimum, making some adjustments to how the cap is calculated. Fact is the cap has become like the tax code a little. Go to two accountants and they’ll each tell you that you owe (or are owed) a different amount. We need a flat cap!
  3. I voted Jefferson. Yeah obviously the literal definition of “most important” would exclude all non-QBs but I prefer to think of it as impact relative to their position.
  4. Yeah that’s the real driver here. The rules have steadily increased the importance of QB. Is it a problem? Some may think so and some may not. But QB is the most important position in any team sport. Period. Nothing else even comes close. I have trouble even thinking what #2 is… point guard probably (who on average makes only 20% more than the lowest paid position, small forward). And there’s just not enough FQBs to go around. No matter what you do with the cap that won’t change.
  5. Lived in center city Philly for 10+ years. File this one under “not surprised.”
  6. You’re right the greatest predictor of a team’s success is the quality of their QB play. Teams that hit on a FQB in the draft have a giga advantage during his rookie contract years — because of the cap. I do believe the cap ultimately increases parity — but it also reduces it in important ways.
  7. Problem is there isn’t parity. NFL is a two class system — teams with FQBs and those without.
  8. The cap absolutely depresses labor costs
  9. You could couple it with a league revenue dollar split that rewards winning. My suggestion is divide the revenue pie into two pools. One pool is 17/21 of the total divided evenly by all teams. 4/21 (the number of weeks that are playoff weeks) is only divided amongst the playoff teams. An owner who doesn’t care about profitability could still spend like crazy even if you did this or implemented a luxury tax. But is there anything inherently wrong with owners more invested in winning to win more? I still believe the league’s primary motivation is to keep labor costs controlled more so than parity.
  10. First a caveat this isn’t my specialization but if you’re not in a bind financially, giving her a breather and trying again makes the most sense before you go the lawyer route. Best wishes man. This all sucks.
  11. What a Neanderthal to film him in this situation and then to comment at the end
  12. Because then the pool of available dollars to pay players would not be artificially constrained.
  13. Just read 500 pages of mafia game theory in 48 hours and you too will “love” it as I now do.
  14. This is the way. The league says they want parity… what they really want is to keep labor costs down.
  15. If me and BYU were in a plane that was going down and I only had 1 extra parachute, I’d strap it to the booze cart.
  16. Yeah I hear you but I wish we we lucky enough to hate a Jets QB as good as either of them
  17. Yes. And it makes sense. There are more than two possible outcomes and many suitors.
  18. Yeah Woody having been born into it I can see that. A guy who earned his own fortune would probably gravitate toward a hardscrapple kid who had to claw his way through life
  19. It’s actually a really good comp. Hadn’t thought of it before. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Following up many may not know that Minshew was #1 in yards and top 5 in completion percentage across all of FBS his last season at Washington.
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