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  1. I don't have a problem with a player trying to use the very few levers he has (going to the media, holding out) to gain some control of their careers, but in this case I do not think he's going about it in a smart way. The timing sucks (2nd year player who hasn't "arrived" and team not a trainwreck) and may end up hurting him in the end.
  2. When did the Panthers begin tanking
  3. I just think you don’t take good faith positions and abandon them the moment it becomes convenient
  4. In the last month he’s averaging 47 yards and 0.25 TDs a game… if that’s all it took to completely 180 degree opinion on him… I don’t believe you.
  5. He just says whatever he thinks helps him in he current debate. He’s not concerned with internal consistency lol
  6. Let’s see how Jets handle. Don’t think it’s good team management to orbit a player under these circumstances without trying to reel him back in first. Will just incentivate others to shoot their way out of town. If Saleh is good at anything you’d think this is his time to shine.
  7. They sure like him better than Mims
  8. There’s a way back of course. This is his first incident far as we know. Saleh is a positive dude so he needs to sell the positive to Moore and get him back in the fold. Otherwise I’d ask Saleh…
  9. It’s within the province of fans to react emotionally He is not comparing. He is saying that if Jets fans will turn on a POTY candidate, they will turn on anyone.
  10. Sure he should get more targets I’m saying with a low volume attack those weeks are just going to happen
  11. Fans can take “**** ‘em” tough guy stances against every player who gets disgruntled but we both know real team management doesn’t work that way. If Saleh is worth a damn he will resolve this amicably.
  12. Time for PVO Saleh to earn his money and get Moore settled and reintegrated
  13. Incredible how quickly it turns. If Jets played hardball with every player who was frustrated over the last ten years…
  14. This is a (very) low volume passing attack. There will be those variance weeks when guys aren’t targeted. We could’ve had Minshew run this attack (and better) for basically free… Jets will need to take off the reins and let the QB at least try to step up sooner rather than later.
  15. Social media put this into his head.
  16. One way to look at it, I suppose. Players do care about their production, however.
  17. Canary in the coal mine. Jets need to get their pass game going.
  18. Oh, my friend, you have no idea.
  19. Anything is possible, hater.
  20. I'm a student of history and enjoy the nostalgia of seeing 1994 BBS insults brought back to the fore.
  21. No one is so devoid of self-awareness to not see the irony of mocking someone for posting on a messageboard.... by posting on that messageboard.
  22. 5 more years of reading my illustrious content you get a lifetime loyalty member card
  23. He was seen huddled with Steve Young in the back booth at Roscoe’s Diner
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