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  1. I tell my son this all the time. He likes to “collect” things and not open them saying they’ll be worth a lot. I told him the things that will be worth a lot are things people aren’t collecting. This is too philosophical a concept for a 9 year old.
  2. Darnold is a low level starter/plus backup. Seems to have a good attitude so he will have a place and make a decent living in the league for a long time.
  3. To be fair your cards are rarer as most people threw them away
  4. It’s easy to be a hard ass and subject players to such purity tests when it’s not your responsibility to field a competitive team.
  5. I just OCD’d the set up so we are ready to roll once we get the victims.
  6. Figured screw or let’s have fun while we wait… and wait… and wait…
  7. Smart move by him. Good chance he sees action. And one less suitor for Minshew.
  8. Who is in? @Jetsfan80 do your thing 1. Crushlove 2. JF80 3. Hal 4. JiF 5. Arsis 6. drums 7. nyn 8. bum knee 9. beav 10. peen 11. ape
  9. You want people to wank, send them an article on cap rollover dollars.
  10. If we get Minshew as our #2 all is forgiven. I pray JD has learned that QB2 pretty freaking important in playoff pushes.
  11. I don’t blame him a bit. I have switched to competitors for better salary.
  12. I know I sound like those old dinosaur scouts in “Moneyball” but how can you draft that face with the expectation he will be a FQB?
  13. Yeah he does need to reinvent himself—as a full time influencer
  14. To be fair a floating tire looks like a luxury liner when you’re drowning
  15. We aren’t worried about secrets from our former offensive scheme. We are worried Zack Wilson will be forced to start games next year.
  16. It’s totally reasonable for the ugliest girl in school to worry she may not get a prom date
  17. Rodgers has been estranged from his entire family for many years — including his mother. So BYU can’t even bang her to get under his skin.
  18. Perhaps JD worried that anyone younger than 40 who has had some degree of NFL success in the QB room will further damage you-know-whose psyche.
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