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  1. The book on him is that he’s a noodle arm and isn’t going put a team on his back. He’s seen as an ideal backup — cheap, steady. But I think arm strength is the most overrated QB trait and has a rapidly-diminishing marginal utility once you hit the “adequate” level. 90% of passes don’t require a flamethrower. They require reading the D, going through progressions, and putting the ball on the spot.
  2. You might be right but I think he will actually get a chance this off season. It might just be a Mitch Trubisky like chance to caretake for a rookie.
  3. I also like Minshew. He’d probably be in the 20-25 range of starting QBs. Guy has earned the right to get a chance somewhere maybe with more experience he can crack top 20. Just don’t think it’ll be here given the current desperation situation.
  4. Article lists expected FA contract values for several QBs including: Lamar Jackson ($40.7M) and Geno Smith ($39.9M). No way only $800k separates these two. Geno ain’t getting $40M/year and Lamar likely to be closer to $50M.
  5. My sense is that if JD was near the beginning of his contract, he’d go for a Minshew or Jacoby Brissett type and draft a 2nd/3rd round QB this off season if he doesn’t land Carr. But now as others have said what’s his incentive to save dry powder for 2024 when he might not make it past 2023? Imagine his job interviews next season if he’s fired: “So you drafted a bust and then brought in a JAG bridge QB in an off season when 3 FQBs were available?” JD has built a nice car. He’s going to get the best driver he can for 2023 is my sense.
  6. Yeah nothing to really disagree with here. Jets are desperate for stability at the position. Quality of play and availability and lack of distractions. We haven’t had an off season free of QB drama since Pennington. Without that it’s extremely hard for an organization to devote itself to solving other issues.
  7. Such is the price of whiffing hard on the #2 overall and the regime now being hotseated.
  8. It’s pretty amazing the dude was ripped beyond belief and had elite measurables. Odd he couldn’t even carve out a career as a JAG on talent alone. What was it with him? Mental? Never heard of off the field problems (I think he got into a bar fight or something many years after his career was done). I read he never developed pass rushing moves and completely depended on bull rushing and overpowering lineman since that’s all he had to do in high school and in college but you need more than that in pros. But again — to not even be a JAG — weird.
  9. Unloading him would require giving up cap space. Basically we’d buy some cap space with draft picks. He is that bad.
  10. If Boys make a move for Peyton, he’d probably love Lamar given his unnatural lust for Taysom Hill
  11. Eh Rodgers is one of the biggest douches in sport. I don’t care if Jets are choirboys but Rodgers will go all sulky mcsulkerson if he makes a move to a new team and then hits adversity. Great QB don’t get me wrong but with his skills declining and how young the jets are… don’t like the fit.
  12. What do you want to bet the jets got them from that little bin by the checkout aisle with the orange 50% off sticker because they were 2 days old. There’s no salary cap for cupcakes, woody! @Barry McCockinner
  13. NFL is the best-officiated major sports league. Unpopular opinion but I do think it’s true. At least once a week I learn about an NFL rule I never heard of just by watching. This almost never happens in other sports (1-2 a season).
  14. jgb

    Lamar vs Carr

    I do think it’s most likely. Whether it is right?
  15. Amazing that you found a way to make modding a game lazy using AI. You’re a slacker icon 80.
  16. jgb

    Lamar vs Carr

    The smell for OT is too strong with the 13th pick. JD is in desperation mode. Don’t see him getting a high-priced FA QB and drafting a QB in first. But we will see!
  17. jgb

    Lamar vs Carr

    I think JD is approaching this off season like his job is on the line, which it is. 5-6 years? I’d settle for 2-3. Carr or Lamar, I don’t really have a strong preference. Probably lean Carr because he seems a better schematic fit. If it was me I’d go Minshew and get Mike evans but JD isn’t betting his job on Minshew. He will go big game hunting.
  18. jgb

    Lamar vs Carr

    So like a Minshew?
  19. jgb

    Lamar vs Carr

    Many slam tannenbaum — and there are reasons to do so the Sanchez extension was egregious — but I don’t blame him for mortgaging the future and going all in on that window. Like you said, can close quick.
  20. You know how you do food? That’s how I do information. The problem with this approach is it results in play that can become predictable. I went by the book — hunt the loud, investigate the quiet. Will need to introduce some @Lurker89 unpredictability into future games or I’ll be an easy read. That’s the hard part. My learning has only just begun.
  21. jgb

    Lamar vs Carr

    Great takes. Nice job. Honestly if we get either of these guys we have a playoff window. Screw the money get a guy in here that doesn’t make our offensive drives a bio break. Otherwise, we burn Breece, sauces, the good Wilson’s rookie deals and in three years we are trading those guys for draft capital and trying all over again.
  22. I’m middle aged and not tech savvy and I started using discord like 6 months ago and didn’t have any problems. And I was admin of the channel for my group. As just a user it’s less complicated than messageboard tbh.
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