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  1. Can you get spoiled by failure? Jets fans aren't spoiled; pats fans are spoiled. Jets fans are desperate. Subtle difference.
  2. Tough to run the ball when you never take any chances downfield as NYJ showed in 2011. I would trade some picks to keep defenses honest. Scotty has to bear the blame. Someones head has to roll and too much invested in Sanchez.
  3. Haha and all these years I wondered why pats have to give comp to jets when belly quit as HC of NYJ. Don't hold your breath for a response or mea culpa sperm.
  4. Probably the best thread in JN history as the usual cast of idiots played their roles perfectly throughout.
  5. they just don't want to kill his market value to become a HC somewhere
  6. If he can't make a jump next yr under a new OC then he will be gonzo
  7. The jets made me an alcoholic
  8. jgb

    sign mcnabb

    if you can get him relatively cheap let's put some believable pressure on sanchez
  9. Hope the jets lose out so we have a chance next yr
  10. Same Old Jets prediction - we go on a run for a few weeks and in the last week we're not mathematically eliminated. we either scrape into the playoffs (to get punted wildcard weekend) or we barely miss out. it'll be just enough to save schott and screw us for at least one more season
  11. actually think sanchez could be the guy with an OC who knew what he was doing
  12. football team requires wise allocation of limited resources $4mill on brad smith is the opposite
  13. this year no reason not to bring in help while young guys matured with 8 mill in cap space.
  14. tanny has done very well in the draft - judging against perfection is unreasonable. the major indictment here is hermesque inattention to both lines. don't know enough about jets org to know who is to blame but rex's obsession with cb's has a role. you can't have studs everywhere have to pick your poison
  15. for every call overturned for the pats a shoebox full of cash with a foxboro return address shows up at the league office
  16. if you kill someone you should never be set free again. why was this maniac free?
  17. need to go undefeated at home. we all know miami will beat us in miami.
  18. do you predict the sun will rise tomorrow? if so, why do you hate the moon? predicting one thing to happen says nothing of allegiance.
  19. if anything it's too objective and not dramatic enough.
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