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  1. I’d rather spend elite money on a good quarterback than spend good money on a garbage quarterback.
  2. Jets might be betting favorite to get Carr but I’m sure they’re also the betting favorite to screw it up over something dumb like refusing to agree to validate his parking after the interview or some crap.
  3. Oh I’m definitely going casual this time around. Can’t sustain that pace for any longer than I did last game. Not young anymore.
  4. It seems like the ultimate challenge, especially since you came back scum to investigations.
  5. Thank you. Been saying it for years. The Jets just keep falling into the dumb “all eggs in new unproven basket” approach
  6. I’m all for drafting QBs late as a low risk supplement to searching for one through higher-percentage plays (e.g., trade/early in draft/FA). Kind of like it’s fine to buy lottery tickets but don’t quit your job until you actually win.
  7. “We can’t win it all” is just emotional salve to justify the last 12 wasted years “sure we are the worst team in the league but we weren’t winning a ring anyway so no huge loss.” Successful season means making post season. After that is gravy.
  8. I’m going to cash in my 401k and buy lotto tickets because that powerball winner says hey
  9. You weren’t worried that if you didn’t get NK’d you’d be immediately outted as SK when verb died?
  10. Obviously a lot can change from one day to next but what was your short list for N2 kill if you made it that long? or maybe better to ask: who else were you considering N1?
  11. Negative but I rarely go past the 12th page of results unless I’m being paid
  12. Took too long for my tastes. I wanted you lynched D1 and you made it to N1. But then I did start to miss you after a couple days. @Barry McCockinner is fine company but not as gentle a lover as you are.
  13. Yeah PM a detriment to scum team. Clunky and slow to go into browser and type it out. Discord is instant on an easy to use app. Can get less of a scum read based on reaction times.
  14. Surprised yours didn’t say “Huh. Well, at least it’s not more donkey porn.”
  15. One of my hobbies is writing. My wife asked me “are you thinking of writing something based on organized crime?” after she saw all the sh*t I was reading lately.
  16. And yes, I really am a noob lol. I did recognize that JiF was throwing up dust to make the scum think I might NA Barry. Wanted to tell him such lol. This was after I got jvill.
  17. This is the reason I kept hammering the “innocent child” thing on the last day. Nice red herring by nolder.
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