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  1. not saying it won't happen but it is there with cro and brady has the smarts to take advantage
  2. Problem is a distracted Pats team can still crush a distracted Jets team. I don't know, it's entertaining and probably won't affect the result on the field so why not? It's not meant to be funny. It was an honest expression of fact.
  3. Q: What is Rex's favorite college team? A: The Tarheels. Q: Why does Rex love Italy? A: Because it's shaped like a boot. Q: What does Rex put on toast? A: Toe jam. Q: Why do the Jets always win at the last second of the game? A: Rex has a fetish for nail biters. Q: Why is Rex so fat? A: Because food is his achilles heel. Q: Why does Rex shoot his mouth off at pressers? A: Because he's callous. Q: What was Rex's first girlfriend's name? A: Liz Frank
  4. maybe crobabymomartie can give welker lessons on witty insults.
  5. how many times has brad thrown out of wildcat? once, maybe twice? that crap won't work on belli anyway. frankly i'll be happy with zero wildcat. it's just a waste of a play.
  6. they are going to test crobabymomartie deep with tate
  7. it's funny that some of you seem irked by this considering what's been coming out of our own team's mouth lately. i wish wes welker was a jet.
  8. this year's pats are better. they still have a chance to win the SB.
  9. you don't HAVE to be at a wedding unless you're one of the two people taking vows. if he starts puking all over the place they will be glad to be rid of him.
  10. he should have someone run over his foot for him sunday morning and watch the game from his hospital room
  11. USA also has the highest cars per capita of anywhere else in the world. Maybe driving causes autism.
  12. whether "awful" is absolute or relative, i think. who can keep up
  13. never ceases to amaze me what jets fans can fight over. we're in the dance, boys! save this crap for the offseason.
  14. consistency will come with experience. but you're either a gamer or you aren't and sanchez certainly seems to be. i've been guilty of being hard on him this season but he's given me the two best back to back years of Jets football in my lifetime.
  15. nnamdi + revis could mask a lotta holes. whether it happens or not... who knows. i for one am just glad that we're finally on the list of teams big time FAs actually want to play for!
  16. You mean Weepy Pete? Seriously buddy, get your tear ducts blocked or something.
  17. Sarcasm fail since the entire article is about how awful they are thus no one sees them coming.
  18. The birds were run over by a UFO while they tried to escape a weather balloon filled with swamp gas.
  19. never underestimate the stupidity of the populace. after all, people should've been saying this about global warming/cooling/whateveritscalledtoday after climategate.
  20. "Another team that'll be targeting 3-4 players in the off-season." exactly right. at some point the relative ease of getting elite 4-3 versus 3-4 talent will compel teams to switch back.
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