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  1. I thought his Gase deal was a schtick but I guess he really believed it and is too embarrassed to face the music on the Internet. Which would be silly, he’d be welcomed back with open arms, but humans gonna human.
  2. Things I’ve never heard from a woman before for $500, Alex.
  3. Expressing full trust in JiF. Then you’re Voting JiF. JiF’s only post in the interim was to vote @Drums. Why the sudden dramatic shift? Is there something about Drums you know that we don’t? Look, you actually remind me a bit of my D1 play last game when I got hung. I’m getting an overzealous town lean from you but the pressure is fair and I’d like to see how you you handle it before I consider unvoting you.
  4. Is Paris Johnson is there that’s who I have wanted for months. But latest mocks have him off the board long before we pick.
  5. In a 12 person game, any grouping of 4 players probably contains a scum.
  6. I didn’t vote you because of your clumsy “reveal,” which I’m not convinced wasn’t just a poor choice of words. I voted you because you went from super chatty to zero dark thirty once @Arsis called you out.
  7. Been to the plantations in Indonesia. Not an industrialized operation. Cages in the rainforest for the little guys.
  8. Have you ever done both at the same time tho
  9. Vote Hal Because his go-to move is to go dark whenever called out and starts to pick up heat. @Hal N of Provo defend thineself!
  10. Bastard mods ain’t got sh*t on bastard players!
  11. “If my role is x my target is y.” Cut and paste for every role on the wiki. Take that jvill!
  12. I wonder what happens if we all submit speculative night actions tonight. Just because we don’t know, maybe the role powers are still effective…
  13. Will make claiming fun “You can’t lynch me! I’m the town… well, I don’t know actually but I’d still really prefer not dying.”
  14. 🤔 edit: stupid broken emoticon links, it is the “hmmmm” face
  15. He’s my spirit animal in fantasy football… and it does we no better there either. WRs win championships in fantasy and in RL these days.
  16. Yeah but I’m from the kinder, gentler kgb. But it looks like joke voting period is now over. unvote
  17. Wait, that’s not normal? I mean… uh… of course it’s not.
  18. I see you’re as enthusiastic about scum hunting as ever
  19. Five kids??? Maybe we should lynch you so you can go spend more time with them!
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