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  1. Saw @Jetsfan80 lurking. Bummed we didn’t get to play longer together this game. I mean sure I tried to lynch you the entire D1 but now I miss you lol
  2. I hope so. Coolest nickname I’ve ever had… that could be said on television before 11pm
  3. Alright gents was up past 4am European central dealing with smash’s false claim so forgive me if I’m not around much rest of evening.
  4. All busts clearly. Big ones. Reason I can’t put a QB at the top of the list is that it’s a lot more understandable to reach and whiff on QB. It’s the hardest position to scout and at some point a GM just has to accept the risk and pull the lever.
  5. Really enjoyed playing with ya. You pinged for me early and I kept it on the DL to be the first one after my reveal to confirm beyond all doubt I’m the copper.
  6. If he’s scum he’d rather leave that vote for a scummy to get some town cred
  7. If you are scum give your boys the green light to jump on so we can get this over with
  8. You’re a helluva lot cooler under a major FOS than Smash, I’ll give ya that.
  9. And if there is a framer out there I’d mighty impressed that they chose you to frame up…
  10. All of these things are possibility but way I see it we gotta play the odds on this one
  11. Problem is I don’t see a choice my man. You didn’t claim a PR so the low chance we lose a vanilla townie to know that the cop’s results should be ignored is a very worthy risk to take.
  12. Yeah we will see made my head swim when I read about the different sanity levels. But we have to know whether my results are to be trusted or if I should be considered vanilla townie going forward.
  13. Could be for sure but you just might have ta be the Guinea pig I’m afraid then we will know whether my report results can be trusted going forward
  14. After half a night deliberating over a bottle, on a hunch jgb headed into the darkness well past midnight. Something about the way one of their companions carried himself just didn’t sit right with him and he had to know to truth about the man. Final Report Subject: jvill Conclusion: guilty
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