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  1. i'm as tough on criminals as they come, just saying what a nightmare would that be.
  2. We agree on Bridgewater. You are probably right that the coaching staff must see something in Geno to make them think he can still potentially be the guy. They would obviously know more than either of us would, so for now we have to have some faith. I've just been burned too many times with optimism--I was high on Sanchez when he first came out--not going to let my heart get broken again!
  3. i think geno stinks and will never be good. i don't think he has it upstairs. i fear he is a dumdum. But i am also wholly unqualified to make this assessment. he doesn't have the look to me but what the hell do i know.
  4. yeah i agree with that. the question is how much better is enough. i personally think it will be moot because vick will be undeniably better.
  5. i think it will take rex being blinded by a jagged toenail for him to be able to deny that vick is the better option.
  6. whew was worried about a hold out with this one
  7. i want geno to win, just have no faith. hope he proves me wrong. if vick is the starter we are in trouble, not least of which because we have to go back to searching for the long term answer next year. i don't think geno can ever be even as good as a jay cutler. that should be the minimum we should hope for but instead it is probably absolute best case scenario for geno.
  8. i think he took the pats deal because he recognized the DB market was soft and with guys like haden and peterson up for extensions, he bet (correctly) the market would go back up. i predict he signs a longterm deal after this season, which will be worth about 20% more than if he signed it this year. buy low, sell high at work.
  9. From Twitter Based on the deals for Sherman and Haden, it doesn't seem unrealistic that Revis could get back to $16M per on the open market next March. Albert Breer @AlbertBreer Retweet + Follow Have to give credit to Revis as a businessman... he has had an unprecedented number of helpings at the free agency buffet and it looks like it's going to pay off at least one more time for him.
  10. we would actually go up, maybe that proves how dumb these rankings are. all based on perception rather than real analysis. they are basically grading 2013 geno, not 2014 geno.
  11. it is all about the QB. if jets announced tomorrow that vick was starter we'd go up 5 spots, not that these things matter until week 17
  12. CJ1K should save his money. Not like he is making PK money.
  13. you misunderstand, that is so nice
  14. at least now we know the name of the guy who beat us for the next ten years
  15. come on defense. there are only 2 spots on Jets starting D that aren't first round picks--fill the holes Rex!
  16. a PK in the second who lacked the leg to kick in the meadowlands has to also be on list
  17. i agree with you--sick of hearing "no weapons, can't evaluate," but the irony is there is massive love for kerley and nelson around here. lotta inconsistent homerism.
  18. when is the last time we could adequately evaluate the qb?
  19. so the giants got one half of the field and the jets the other??
  20. realistically? jordan matthews probably
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