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  1. If you think you’re an informer pick the most townie person tonight and visit them. Although would be weird to have 2 same role even though this game departed normal long ago.
  2. One thing is true actually. Hal fixates on 80’s weak role but not that somebody killed THE COP. Weird to focus on a BS role. Still have Hal as crazy town but who GAF about the informer? (Granted I never played a game with one before so maybe I’m underestimating)
  3. Yeah not ruling her out as SK living to breathe another day. Either great reads, the mother of all WIFOMs, or moronic scum play. Knowing Ape… not ruling any out.
  4. Sorid overconsumption even for the big guy
  5. Low risk for me you already OMGUS voted Beav and would look like a gibbon if you immediately switched!
  6. No, you don’t. But you also might be onto something. The turd slinger only showed up when I called out his absence D1 and now when you did D2. vote Ape
  7. jgb

    Grab him

    He will be back to tell us how badly Carr sucks and destroyed a SB contending team if we sign him
  8. Oh you’re after my own heart — me, too. But realistically I think JD has every incentive to splash on QB.
  9. Just keeps getting worse and worse out there
  10. Gotten even worse since I went.
  11. Haven’t lived in either city in a long time so my “local” knowledge is outdated (@AFJF can help you with London I’m sure) but I do have to say 1 of my 2 all time favorite “tourist traps” in the world is the Tower of London. I ******* love it. The full tour. Torture chambers, tower where Queen Elizabeth I was held prisoner, hall of armor, royal bedroom, royal crapper (a hole in a board that leads to a hole through the wall), Crown Jewels… cannot get enough. Every time I’m in London I go. I don’t care that I’ve been there 25 times. And I been everywhere. Lost track of how many countries but could well be over 100 at this point. I also dig the Jack the Ripper night walk, which is close to Tower of London. If you do that, at the end, ask the tour guide if you can buy him a pint afterward and he’ll give you even more interesting stories over an ale. I talked to mine for an hour about his theories of who the ripper was. Paris — I can say Mona Lisa is over rated (IMHO) but you almost are obligated to go. I preferred Musée D’Orsay to the Louvre. Van Gogh’s work in person? Wow. Not an art guy but was a religious experience for me. The brushstrokes add a third dimension that you can’t see in photos. It was surreal and I could not turn away from a few of them. Especially his haystacks series. PS: my 2nd favorite tourist trap is the DMZ between N. And S. Korea. When my oldest daughter lived alone with me in Asia, I took her with me on a business trip to Seoul. My ex made me promise not to take her “into North Korea.” Yeah, sure, whatever. I booked a tour and I took her up there. “Can I sneak a picture and put it on my Instagram, dad?” Yeah go ahead. 30 seconds later I get an incoming call from Philadelphia lol.
  12. So you’re my wife’s secret daddy
  13. I am not a foodie at all. Bar with a decent burger >>>>>>> Michelin star anytime and every time.
  14. I want to buy a new laptop. Need to convince the wife and comparison shop to make sure I make a wise and sound decision, but I also know what it’s like to splash out. The hash browns? Come on. Crack cocaine from a griddle.
  15. “UuuunNnggGhhh… get out.” -Andrew Dice Clay
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