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  1. Again he already has an almost universal trust. The chance to have the cop ‘splode not worth the marginal increase in trust by saving his life. Wait so if you were deputy, you wouldn’t act to save the cop so you could be the cop of a now-weakened village? That’s uh pretty scummy. Not that I have seen but he was trying to save the cop this time and smash invited me to unvote-vote for “glory.”
  2. Far as I know from my reading is that would require some type of power. Also, what I reviewed, suicide bomber’s ability is usually a player-directed suicide attack they get once per game (Duh) by PMing the mod and say “blow up Pac and myself in a suicide attack.” I’ve seen no reference to it being a hammer-triggered attack (love that wrinkle though!). Therefore, there is no information that I could find that there is a consensus in the community that scum is normally immune if they drop hammer on their own suicide bomber. So he might’ve just slipped, also. So JiF are you softclaiming, or what?
  3. Is he soft claiming some kind or PR to be able to have stopped PAC’s death or saying he would’ve jumped to drop hammer
  4. So far this has been going very good for town but the fewer there are the harder they will be to find.
  5. I’ll consider it if there’s still a lot of doubts around him so far only you
  6. Don’t buy it he could’ve shut up and potentially let cop off himself. That’s more valuable than a little extra favor since most already think he’s town. So what you are saying is if you were the revealed cop you’d investigate him tonight to put it to bed for good?
  7. Thanks! Glad you’re here. I wanted to ask you to come down to the station. So now Barry was trap revealed deputy and warned me off delivering the hammer blow of smash — I didn’t even know suicide bomber could be a thing in the game until after the D2 scene. Please tell us your current read on Barry.
  8. Yeah it was a pretty big tell that he remained indignant after the pressure was off. He should’ve clicked over and said “ok now that we have that out of the way, let’s focus on lynching a scum.” Edit I misread thought you mean smash exploding verbally calling everyone dumbazzes
  9. Let me also say my thanks to those who pushed smash to his L2 reveal. Excellent read.
  10. I def would’ve instantly pushed in had i been active when he revealed. The one day I had too much sh*t going on to have JN open on a separate browser window. So when I came online, the train that pushed smash into a false claim had already dissipated. Acknowledge I have a lot to learn but glad it worked out this time.
  11. Explains a bit why it stalled for so long at N2/N1. There were people active who didn’t want to drop hammer even though Smash was an obvious lost cause. I made a list of those who popped in thread but disappeared without action to feign inactivity. FOS.
  12. Summarizing the action for you and everyone else catching up: - Town must trust me, scum must at least pretend to trust me. Day time much safer for me than night time going forward lol. - If you are the town doctor you need to understand what is going on and choose who to protect tonight wisely. Basically, your choices are self-protect again or protect me. Scum likely make a play at me tonight to test if the doctor is paying attention/understands their role. Subsequent nights, all bets are off whether scum more likely to come at me again or kill a random townie hunting for the doc. -Barry has not only been all but confirmed as a townie by the trap, he also warned me in real time about the possibility that smash was a suicide bomber to avoid me getting blown up by dropping the hammer. Barry has been and remains my top town read by a large margin. Barry is very vulnerable now at night since doctor can’t protect us both. Please don’t hang my deputy. Force the scum to burn a night kill if they want him gone.
  13. Thanks Barry good looking out. Yet another very compelling piece of evidence that Barry is solid town.
  14. Oh boy you planted a bomb under my patrol car didn’t you before you died… I looked up suicide bomber I know once a game you can trigger a suicide kill…. Figured you probably told drums to use that on me once I countered. Was hoping since you’re dead I was in the clear…
  15. Thanks man honestly I did freeze a bit. Didn’t want to out myself so tried to see if I could rebuild smash train without revealing but become obvious after like ten minutes that no one was voting to lynch an uncountered cop based on gut feel. So then I slammed down the gas and drove in. Chalk that one up to inexperience for sure.
  16. gg @Smashmouth you didn’t die in vain you forced me out into the open.
  17. We are at L1 who wants to drop the hammer? @The Crusher, @Hal N of Provo, @JiFields, @Arsis, @Pac,@Integrity28
  18. Don’t need to be the one to pull the lever. This one was in self-defense. Next scum I’m hunting down like a mongrel dog.
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