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  1. i agree with many things in this article but have to take with a grain of salt. tanny himself bragged on hard knocks about it being his idea to get santonio and rex was on record for not wanting stephen hill with our #2.
  2. clearly it's the first. otherwise everytime you sit down there's no guarantee you'll be able to get back up and make it to the john. would you rather the patriots win the superbowl or sanchez start all 16 games for us next year?
  3. these are all big boys who have security of employment contracts with buyout clauses that few of us have. besides nfl teams are for the most part sophisticated enterprises and if someone wants sparano for OC or less they can pick up the phone and ask permission to talk to him. can you see the jets saying "no"?
  4. too bad cant afford him unless we sucker an idiot to pick up much of sanchez's salary. so back to square one: matt moore or orton
  5. might as well say sign Jesus. wiz and turner have options -- they want no part of this debacle unless woody grossly overpays (LOL).
  6. yup. i don't see how we aren't stuck with sparano or a nobody at OC next year, regardless of who comes in at GM you are a very underrated poster
  7. correct. wonder if rex would've been quicker to pull the trigger with henne in the chamber versus tebow? guess we'll never know.
  8. definitely agree with you -- you should call that head hunter and put your hat in the ring for the GM job!
  9. hope you're right -- id dump him and take 100% of the cap hit next year. lost season anyway. problem is rex will be fighting for his job and can't afford the best longterm approach. once the new GM gets on board we'll see whose philosophy wins out...
  10. sanchez limits the ability of the next OC to advance his career in any meaningful way
  11. ouch. never knew tanny wanted henne to back up sanchez. although not like rex would've yanked sanchez anyway until the season was lost. http://www.nfl.com/n...firing-rex-ryan
  12. yeah pete carroll will jump all over the opportunity to get sanchez just like he did when matt leinart became available. get real people
  13. if you're going to keep sanchez why would any qualified want the OC job knowing they will be fired at the end of next season? and if you can't get a qualified candidate, why just throw some random in there to say you made a change?
  14. he's going to have a lot of options -- ask yourself if you'd step into this minefield unless it was your only choice
  15. romo clearly a huge upgrade but at this point probably need to blow it all up and build around a young kid
  16. going to put this on a tshirt it sums up being a jets fan perfectly
  17. only hope is rex get mangini'd after 2013 by the new GM
  18. haha that's sweet in a funny way though your cousin is an ahole
  19. concern is what will it matter if rex doesn't let the new guy do his job
  20. all true but then why not hire an OC with a modern philosophy and give that person the autonomy to implement his system? ego or result of rex lobbying to devote disproportionate resources on the D?
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