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  1. selective memory http://www.newsday.com/sports/columnists/bob-glauber/namath-predicts-jets-win-over-steelers-1.2619411
  2. all fans have the freedom to criticize just as they have the freedom to cheer when things are going well. don't understand this whole "STFU you don't have the RIGHT (horrible use of the word, incidentally) to say anything bad about the team!"
  3. respect your right to disagree and your professional debate but we missed it and the game was over. rather have a hail mary then watching the V formation from the other side.
  4. What are you talking about it was a joke about same old jets - lighten up frances
  5. clearly you have no idea what the term "egocentric" means. look up "sarcasm" too while you're at it.
  6. never exactly looked "in shape" to begin with agree it's a pipe dream but that's what jets fans do best
  7. don't you realize the best memory for young jets fans is listening to their fathers talk about joe willy? not like we've seen anything great.
  8. only jets fans could say such vile things about the most celebrated jets player in history - and to think some of you call those of us who predict a loss on any given week not real jets fans. shame on you.
  9. i admire your optimism. we're well on our way down sh*t creek with this line. call faneca and woody as ridiculous as that sounds big upgrade. where is the puke emoticon? i have to go cry now
  10. yeah just much more often to medicore qbs like sanchez
  11. i will feel good about 3-3 honestly
  12. only way for NE to win is for their offense to be on. not even tom brady can have a good day every day, unless we're talking about his hair.
  13. jgb


    2-3 after pats. raiders loss gonna be the one that keeps us from wild card
  14. you could always send some extra to the IRS for more social programs
  15. going for it a much, much, much, infinitesimally longer shot. FG from there basically 100% chance to get you to step 2: on-sides kick. Going for it on 4th fails at least half the time.
  16. and the #3 team has to at least have a defense capable of stopping a high school team
  17. cromartie is the new york jets version of Nuke laloosh
  18. always extend the game. when you need 3 improbable things to happen in a row to win, start with step 1 and then worry about step 2. kick the FG.
  19. pay damien woody whatever is left under the cap to come in for a one year bandaid
  20. you do know there's only 16 of them right?
  21. 3-0 was imperative for winning the division. that's gone - just look at schedule. we could still back into wildcard tho... if schotty gets hit by a bus.
  22. but they let cheaters kick the XP before reviewing hernandez's bobbled TD. thanks NFL.
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