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  1. if a co-worker came in this morning wearing that outfit what would you think?
  2. both names are terrible
  3. I wish they let me announce our first rounder in '95
  4. with all the people trying to dump tix sounds like it'll be cheap to go to a game or two this year
  5. problem is more the increase of touchbacks than the 5 yards. rest assured, opportunities for returns will decrease dramatically this year. in other news, i hear they are thinking of lowering the rim in basketball.
  6. I want Charles Barkley. he looks and sounds horrible
  7. just a terrible loss of life. it's katrina x million.
  8. everything has risk. "safe" doesn't mean without risk, it means with acceptable risk. maybe the answer is no nukes near fault zones (i think it was the quake, not the waves that caused this). besides, focusing on the reactor is not seeing the forest from the trees. the tsunami itself killed at least 10,000+ so far in japan.
  9. last year we didn't deserve it because the bungles and colts rolled over and people missed some FGs against us in the playoffs. this year we didn't deserve it because sanchez led the league in almost-ints. when you talk a big game and then actually deliver on (most) of your boasts, you're going to have a target on your back. how many articles were written about how much other coaches hated rich kotite's big mouth ala Tony Dungy to Rex? zero. embrace the haters, no one hates a loser.
  10. So glad people are here to protect us from arrogant double posts. Thank you for your service.
  11. An elite CB can shut down a medicore QB but peyton manning will just spread it around. I'd rather have two good CBs than one elite and one run-of-the-mill.
  12. heaven forbid that someone post something that's already been posted. shame on you all.
  13. we desperately need a pass rusher and a head knocking safety
  14. yup. DH isn't worth $10M/yr - he's solid but not disruptive enough to truly be getting elite coin.
  15. if the revenue stream it cut off, the workers get furloughed. way it works. doesn't matter how much cash owners have or are sitting on. expecting them to just take it in the wallet is irrational and naive.
  16. if it's your property you should be able to do anything in your seat that you can do in your home
  17. measured against perfection every team's drafting sucks. gholston was a terrible mistake, don't get me wrong. but when it comes to such an inexact art as drafting and bringing in FAs you have to look at the whole body of work, not cherry pick one or two outliers to obsess over.
  18. better compared to who, God? jets have been fantastic in the personnel department for the past several years by any reasonable measure.
  19. i love hindsight. you win some you lose some.
  20. rex can do more with less on defense but without smoketonio and braywards our offense is in deep doo doo
  21. read the whole thread. i said i was against the coach blocking. but "wrong"? maybe ill-advised, according to your opinion on the impact of attracting future coaches, but wrong? absolutely not.
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