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  1. Oh boy you planted a bomb under my patrol car didn’t you before you died… I looked up suicide bomber I know once a game you can trigger a suicide kill…. Figured you probably told drums to use that on me once I countered. Was hoping since you’re dead I was in the clear…
  2. Thanks man honestly I did freeze a bit. Didn’t want to out myself so tried to see if I could rebuild smash train without revealing but become obvious after like ten minutes that no one was voting to lynch an uncountered cop based on gut feel. So then I slammed down the gas and drove in. Chalk that one up to inexperience for sure.
  3. gg @Smashmouth you didn’t die in vain you forced me out into the open.
  4. We are at L1 who wants to drop the hammer? @The Crusher, @Hal N of Provo, @JiFields, @Arsis, @Pac,@Integrity28
  5. Don’t need to be the one to pull the lever. This one was in self-defense. Next scum I’m hunting down like a mongrel dog.
  6. smash’s false claim timing was very good. I was hosting a dinner party and harder to get a fast vote on Friday. Will be interesting to see how this is walked back or if scum just let him go as a lost cause.
  7. Whoever the doctor is better tell his wife he won’t be home for supper tonight lol
  8. I was hoping to be scum for the comradarie or vanilla town for the lack of pressure my first game. But if we could choose our fate it wouldn’t be called fate. Before I hit post on my reveal I actually felt stressed. Like now things are about to get real.
  9. Here I am pacing in front of the John at 4am in Germany because I knew I couldn’t let a false claim sit overnight. **** you @Jetsfan80for roping me into this game!
  10. Buddy you won’t have to make me swing, I’ll hang myself if I’m lying. Now I understand why so many cops are alcoholics. It’s been very stressful TBH. Fun but stressful no doubt
  11. Sadly my night 1 subject had to go and get himself killed that same night!
  12. Sadly not even investigations. I’ve read everything I could get my hands on about being a cop. I know there may be godfathers, millers, etc lurking out there.
  13. 15th but might show as 14th to you if it was after midnight my time in europe
  14. Thanks, kind of a relief for it to be out there now. I really need help. I’ll have to judge whose advice can be trusted.
  15. I got the results after he died. He was night killed. You only get results in the morning. Of course, you know that from previous games
  16. To prove if I was forced into a claim it wasn’t to save my own ass from the noose or a scum false claim but to show I’ve been operating as the cop since the beginning, since that’s what I am. Ideally would’ve had a couple days of investigations to show but couldn’t control when the scum falseclaimed. The reason i invested so much time to educating myself to this game is because I got named cop. Was planning to **** around and have some fun my first game but then I got the call and felt a responsibility to try my best.
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