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  1. If Rodgers was facing a trigger where an additional $40M became guaranteed after the SB, GB probably would’ve cut him, also.
  2. Yeah I’m basically saying we could try to buy cap space with draft capital
  3. Why not combo it? Offer to Packers — 2nd for Rogers or we throw in Zach and upgrade our pick to a 1st and they throw in a 3rd/4th?
  4. Like we said Zach has to play “team guy” but his proxy warriors are going to be out for blood on his behalf to get him moved
  5. I wish he did 2 years ago and listened to some of our knowledgeable draftniks
  6. I’m also looking for 40M a year but I’ll sign for 1% of that
  7. They want one last shot to be right on a messageboard and have Zach complete an unprecedented historic turnaround as a member of the NYJ.
  8. Welcome back. Just want to point out that it tickles my giblets to see someone who defended Zach beyond the limits of human endurance base a case against Rodgers on the argument of “well, he’s no prime Mahomes.” Good to have you back. This place is better with you.
  9. But fans expect players to “show loyalty” and accept below-market compensation from a team that would cut them without hesitation once it is in their interest. I also roll my eyes when people call players “greedy.” It’s pretty hard to find a sub-set of the human population more greedy than NFL owners.
  10. We love our players until they outperform their contracts and want a raise.
  11. That’s indeed a huge part of the calculus. If JD/Saleh were on year 1 of their deals, the mediocre bridge QB angle and plan to address the position in a future draft might be in the table. But they are not. You don’t worry about what’s being served for dinner back on the boat when you’re drowning.
  12. This is a big reason I don’t want Lamar (beside the draft capital, don’t care about the money you pay for QB play in this league). I have 0.0% confidence in the Jets to maximize Lamar. Rodgers would be fine without any coaching or OC at all at this point.
  13. this is like blaming the grass for ruining the dog turd
  14. I’m beyond even engaging with that argument anymore. Its proponents don’t actually believe it; they’re starting from a position of wanting to defend him and that’s really all they got.
  15. I think everyone knows I have already written him off but I bet even many of those who think I’m premature would agree he needs a redshirt year to really have any chance to develop. Get a QB2 in here so Zach isn’t thrown back in there again.
  16. It’s crazy. Especially now with 17 games…
  17. Only two teams since the merger haven’t had a 4,000 yard passer. The Bears and the Jets. Pathetic. The Jets need to end that this year. If Zackenberg remains on the team — whatever — but he cannot see the field this year. JD needs two QBs (if MW walks).
  18. Fairly confident he’s going to splash for a Plan A, I’m nearly equally interested in what his Plan B is. Will be a sign of continued growth how he manages the backup position.
  19. JD has done well in trades thus far but when someone is in a make/break season… the risk/reward calculus shift dramatically to the short term.
  20. I’d be pretty agitated also if my career was tied to Zachenberg TBH
  21. Yeah I get it you have Carr rated really low. Not sure what my list is, either, but seems your list doesn’t factor in trade compensation — maybe I’m wrong about that.
  22. Yeah well all or nothing equals nothing. Big difference between Carr and Sanchez also. Also it’s impossible to predict the result at the outset. We have an excellent core on rookie deals. Go for it time.
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